Ohtani’s First Shutout & Two Bombs

Posted: 28 July 2023 by Robbie

From the Tampa Bay Times, not me.

I went to my first MLB double header and saw Ohtani pitch a 1-hit shutout and on the next game hit two home runs. There was some rumors that the Angels were going to trade for Ohtani, but I was doubting that. The Angels as of late July 2023 have a winning season and I was doubting they would be pushing him out. I know Mickey Mouse has some $$$ to pay Ohtani for a while. Anyways, despite him and the Angels kicking the shit out of my Tigers in both games, it was fun to watch Ohtani’s first shutout. Although it would’ve been bad for my Tigers, I would’ve like to see a no-hitter (he walked somebody), or even a perfect game.

And on the next game, I watched Ohtani hit two home runs. I left that game at the 6th inning when the Angels began to dominate. And it was getting a little warm there despite me being in the shade in the Terrace area. At the first game, it was quite packed in the lower deck area with some empty seats in the upper deck. When the next game started, there was a lot of seats available, but most people were sitting in the shaded areas.

What’s important to me is that I finally got to see Ohtani pitch and even see him hit two home runs. I’ve been wanting to see Ohtani pitch in person. Sadly, I couldn’t get front row or good seat with a good view. I bought the ticket at nearly the last minute. Here are some of my crappy pictures:

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