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Posted: 1 May 2023 by Robbie

Little late to the party on this one but last week, there was a shakeup with the Cable News world. First, Tucker Carlson and Fox News parted ways. And a little later, CNN told Don Lemon to go screw. I don’t hardly watch either of these networks. I’m more of a PBS NewsHour guy. PBS NewsHour can be bland and not exciting at times, and does lean left. But my Libertarian self is okay with that. I don’t mind a little left or a little right. But obviously, I’ll state the shakeup of sorts and give my two cents.

I have watched a little Fox News in recent times due to hanging out with a few family members who often watch Fox News. I didn’t really care for it. I have watched bits and pieces of Tucker Carlson’s show back in 2020 and didn’t care for it. He sounds like a chilled version of Alex Jones. Yes, I don’t watch these 24-hour news networks much, but with what I’ve watched with Fox news, it seems that the agenda is the Democrats are out to get you. I didn’t care for CNN from when Trump got elected until the end of his presidency. I didn’t care to watch 24 hours a day coverage of bashing Trump. And I still don’t watch CNN.

Of course, for people who are fans of my EAS scenarios, I featured these Cable News networks by name, primarily CNN. In Pacific Coast Nightmare, CNN’s Don Lime (yes, I based Don Lemon on that fictional character) falls victim to a Howard Stern prank by who he believes to be Rod Cambridge on the phone. With Don Lemon being canned, I always thought Don Lemon would be on CNN for years to come (despite how awful he is). Looks like I was wrong about that.

With Fox News, they will likely see a few more lawsuits, but I don’t think those lawsuits will end Fox News. My guess is that more of these personalities will be fired and they will restart with new faces. It’ll probably benefit Fox News to pay these new faces the minimum, much opposed to paying Tucker $10 Million a year.

Going back to Don Lemon, I didn’t care for his show and him personally. I saw in NYE 2016/17 that he got drunk on the air. Fine, that’s between him and CNN and their viewers. I tried to find that video on YouTube but it’s not on there. Sorry!

Peace, Love and Fractions. Also Happy Birthday to 2020 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen!

Robbie T.

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