The Big Bike Ride at Stony Creek Park

Posted: 22 August 2022 by Robbie


I did it! Did a 5-lap / 30-mile ride around Stoney Creek Park. Not going to write five paragraphs about my victory so I will keep it to two or three. I was gunning for six laps (36 miles) but began to have some extreme cramps going up the steep hills on the 4th and 5th time. There’s this hill that is not so steep but it takes a while to get over that obstacle. At the 5th time, I said to myself, “No more of this” and completed the lap. I do have a bike but I can’t fit it in my Ford Focus. I had to rent a bike and they all were a bright blue color. I bet I looked like a douchebag riding this bike.

One of my regrets was not bringing the sunblock and taking a 6-mile walk on the mostly non-shade trail. I got sunburned big time and I’m more Red than Red. Listening to the Reason Roundtable podcast at home (a rare occasion), I’m off of work until the 29th of August. Got lots to do…

Speaking of bikes:

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