Alex Jones Trial & Mar-A-Lago Raid

Posted: 9 August 2022 by Robbie

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Moving on to life after last week’s sad news, I have been paying some attention to the Alex Jones defamation trail. For those who don’t know, parents of the late Jesse Lewis who died during the 2012 Sandy Hook Shooting are suing Alex Jones.

For me, I don’t watch Infowars, don’t pay too much attention to Mr. Jones. I’ll give him the credit for building Infowars into what it is now. Jones was an independent AM radio guy. Next, he made a network that is competitive with some of the MSM channels out there. I do give him that credit. However, I think Alex Jones is a fucking hoe for what he did. Pushing out the idea that Sandy Hook was planned by the Government and all the parents were “crisis actors.” It’s sad that most of these parents had to go into hiding due to a few of Jones’ fans threats.

In his testimony, he did say he never intended to have the parents stalked or hurt. But he has loyal fans and a few of them who have a lot of time on their hands made the threats. I would hold him responsible for that. Also during those trials, I’m glad that Scarlett Lewis was able to talk to Jones directly. In the end, Scarlett and her ex-husband got $45.2 Million. Jones also has two more trials in Connecticut and New York.

If it is true that Infowars makes about two million dollars a week, this 45.2 Million won’t do too much damage, but what works is that this lawsuit hit him where it hurts, his wallet. It was also funny when Jones’ lawyers done fucked up and gave all his text messages to the parent’s attorneys. The Jan 6th committee got those texts now, that’s going to be a lot of fun for my Jan 6th obsessive-self.

Mar-A-Lago raid

When I saw the news headlines saying that Trump himself stated his Mar-A-Lago home was being raided, I wasn’t sure what to believe. Then, I saw the confirmations from other sources. If Trump has classified documents inside his home, I can see why the FBI is knocking at his door. “Come and knock at our door!” Should the FBI raid the Mar-A-Lago? As I said, if he does have classified information in there, I can see why they are going with the raid. With the reports of Biden not knowing about that, I’m unsure if that is true or false.

It’s also interesting as hell that the politicians who support Trump are now saying Defund The FBI. There is no fucking consistency with these folks, and I’m talking about both sides. But this time, it’s GOP and Trumpers. Most of them say Back The Blue, but when the authorities knock at Donald Trump’s door for something he could be doing wrong, then you say the opposite. I also saw some of the vids of Trump supporters near the Mar-A-Lago. What’s interesting is that Trump wouldn’t allow these folks within the walls of that club. It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.

RIP Olivia Newton-John. Thanks for the song “Magic.”

Peace, Love and Fractions

Robbie T.

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