Jenna Ryan Ain’t Special

Posted: 10 November 2021 by Robbie

My initial thought that it’ll be a 50/50 chance of her seeing any jail time. Say if there was a big riot at a local or state government building that she was involved with, I’d say it’ll be a 25% chance or less that she would be going to jail.

An NY Post article that hit home to me

Posted: 26 October 2021 by Robbie

If the New York Post won’t allow you to read, I’ll summarize it for you. A Colorado woman suffered an apparent mental break…

CNN: “The Before Times”

Posted: 16 October 2021 by Robbie

One thing I would like to say is that I hardly watch CNN for the past six years or so. When Trump got elected until his exit, CNN would spend a majority of their time bitching about Trump. One thing I found hilarious about CNN during the Trump Presidency was the arguments with Kellyanne Conway. […]

The Facebook Issue

Posted: 6 October 2021 by Robbie

I’m guilty of having a Facebook profile myself. I used it quite a lot in 2013-14 and posted almost every day. In those two years, I really wanted local fame and wanted to be well known and loved by many around me as I ventured into bars and seeing quite a lot of local bar […]

YouTube Removes Song

Posted: 10 September 2021 by Robbie

Warning: This post contains foul language Generation QAnon removed This will be a quick post, I didn’t have an intentions of posting on the site until next week (13 Sep – 19 Sep 2021). But this is “breaking news” in the creative category. For those who are familiar with my EAS scenarios, to answer your […]

Dealing With Death

Posted: 21 August 2021 by Robbie

I had sadly lost a cousin Wednesday. It was due to a drug overdose as I’ve been told. This is the fifth person I know who had died due to drugs in the past four years. Perhaps it’s not the best thing to say, but it’s awfully hard to live in today’s world. A good […]

The Pinball Wizard / FPHL Madness

Posted: 6 February 2021 by Robbie

Finally, we can have some fun. It’s been slow at both of my jobs and therefore I had a Friday off (sans a couple of hours at my second job). I happen to be near Free Play Pinball Arcade in Fraser, MI. Heard a few good things about this place so I decided to stop […]

February Investing & The GameStop Squeeze

Posted: 30 January 2021 by Robbie

Due to this trouble with Investing Gamestop, I wasn’t able to open Stash Capital from Wednesday to Friday morning. The app warned of the troubles going on. Since Stash allows you to buy stocks at a fractional value, on Friday, I bought $5 worth of Gamestonk stock for shits & giggles and it went up […]

More Capitol Hill Attack Talk

Posted: 17 January 2021 by Robbie

This blog wasn’t intended as a political blog, for starters, and I don’t intend to go all-in on politics. Again, it was started to highlight some of the concerts, events, and fun shit I do starting in November 2019. Sadly, Covid-19 came to town, and I’m stuck at home due to Michigan’s strict lockdown orders […]

Troubling Times Ahead

Posted: 7 January 2021 by Robbie

One of the things I was thinking about doing this month was to address the state of WishesNetwork, my YouTube channel. I made EAS/News scenarios from 2017-19 and came back on a “part-time” basis last year with making two. But when we had riots, wildfires, and other chaos combined, I thought this country has become […]

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