OJ Simpson Dead

Posted: 12 April 2024 by Robbie

On the morning of 11 Apr 2024, I was watching American Crime Story season one. For those who don’t know, that show’s first season was about the OJ Simpson chase and trial. Some very good acting by the actors in this show, especially Courtney B. Vance’s portrayal of Johnnie Cochran. Then I went to work […]


Posted: 12 March 2024 by Robbie

This will be a few paragraphs long. I’m not doing anything special or noteworthy in recent times. Minus my stomach cramps two weeks ago, I have been doing things not worth mentioning on this blog, just private events and playing video games. I don’t think people want to hear or read about my video game […]

Jennifer Crumbley Case

Posted: 15 February 2024 by Robbie

Yes, I’m days late and ten dollars short on this one, but life got in the way of this blog and I also did not feel inspired. For those who are fans of my Wishesnetwork EAS videos. Oxford, MI is in northern Oakland County, west and next door to Macomb County. Anyway, I did watch […]

News, Weather, and Entertainment 3450009

Posted: 13 January 2024 by Robbie

This was intended to be a finance post, but I don’t have much to say about my finances and investing at this time because I won’t be seeking any new stocks for the first six months and will be putting my spare bucks in investments I already have. I also dropped my OPI stock, I […]

I went to the Rochester Christmas Parade 2023

Posted: 4 December 2023 by Robbie

It wasn’t a snowy sunny day, it was a rainy day. Had to bring an umbrella. I wish I had worn my winter coat as opposed to the light LL Bean jacket. There were times when I was sitting under a shelter but my legs were in the rain. At one point, it looked like […]

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