Memorial Day Premonition

Posted: 30 May 2021 by Robbie

On Memorial Day 2020, we had saw the death of George Floyd. It later sparked riots all over the country. But just before the incident, I had something going on with my mind that day. A premonition… We suspend our disbelief, and we are not alone. Rush / Mystic Rhythms (1985) As most would know, […]

1st and 2nd of May

Posted: 9 May 2021 by Robbie

Bruce Mansion Had a weekend off last week (and one this coming up week). Got terribly bored of watching baseball and did some driving in the Northern part of my home county: Macomb. For the first time, I saw Blake’s Orchard. Blake’s makes there own hard cider and it is sold in some of the […]

Covid-19: One Year Later

Posted: 12 March 2021 by Robbie

Yello! This article is a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read). So here’s an audio version below. Sorry if the CPU voice sounds less human. Can’t use the Rod voice. Enjoy! Around February 2020, I and a co-worker were discussing the lockdowns in China and Italy, and we were sure that the United States is next. […]

The Pinball Wizard / FPHL Madness

Posted: 6 February 2021 by Robbie

Finally, we can have some fun. It’s been slow at both of my jobs and therefore I had a Friday off (sans a couple of hours at my second job). I happen to be near Free Play Pinball Arcade in Fraser, MI. Heard a few good things about this place so I decided to stop […]

Computer Day

Posted: 29 December 2020 by Robbie

With most of the week off from my primary job, I made Tuesday ‘Computer Day.’ I had a family member pay back some money I loaned him. He paid back a chunk and gave me a deal for this computer box sans the hard drive. I bought some extra ram because putting this box together. […]

A Trip To The Detroit Zoo

Posted: by Robbie

Finally, an event! Since we are dealing with Covid-19, I don’t have a great desire to wander outside the counties of Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, and St. Clair. One of the places that are still open in the Detroit area that is considered fun is The Detroit Zoo. My big sis and I floated on by […]

Finally The Election Is Over

Posted: 8 November 2020 by Robbie

Make Politics Boring Again. Yes, I know I’m a nobody and one thing that is rare for some is that for this election, I voted Dr. Jo Jorgensen from the Libertarian Party. At around the summer of 2019, I was thinking it was going to be Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump in the end, but […]

Astronomicon 3

Posted: 11 February 2020 by Robbie

I attended the 3rd Astronomicon in Sterling Heights, MI, my current city. I attended Sunday’s event because I work 6 days a week and Sunday was my only day available. There was a bummer since Ex-Red Wing Darren McCarty was doing Saturday only. I’m not going to write a long descriptive deal here about my […]

Seeing the Port Huron Prowlers

Posted: 25 January 2020 by Robbie

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to attend a couple of minor league hockey games. Those who have followed me from WishesNetwork know that I’m from Detroit. We still have the Detroit Red Wings, who won the Stanley Cup in 1997, 1998, 2002, and 2008. I was a big fan of the Red Wings […]

Visiting The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame / The Christmas Story House

Posted: 3 January 2020 by Robbie

   Between Christmas and New Year’s, I take a day trip to the thumb area of Michigan. During the summer shutdown until 2019, I usually do this when I got promoted at my job and didn’t see time off during the shutdown. Besides this one, I went to Muskegon to visit my brother and my […]

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