20 Aug 20

An Update Of Sorts

Hello Weinerbutts! On Friday 14 Aug 2020 at 3pm, I was told at my primary job that I had came in contact with an employee who possibly had covid-19. On Wednesday 19 Aug 2020, I got a call from my primary job that the test from the said person was negative. During that time, I was able to relax a little and got some of my next EAS movie done with the VideoPad. I was thinking I’ll keep going with the next EAS scenario and try to finish it on Labor Day.

Sadly, I have news that an ex-girlfriend of mine is in the hospital and it appears that she is not going to make it. First, I saw the post on Facebook stating that she did pass away. Later, I saw that she is in the process of passing away. I don’t fault the family for false info. When you have family members on their way to death, most times than not you don’t think clearly. Not sure if this is Covid-19 related, but it appears that way. So, with today, I won’t be pushing to get working on the EAS vid, and it won’t be that way until at least Sunday. Expect my next EAS scenario to come up in September-ish.

After this one, my next EAS scenario will take place in Florida, so sadly, no Rod Cambridge and Macomb County TV. This one will be a weather scenario with mainly EAS and NOAA alerts. The Macomb County TV bulletin board can be a pain in the ass to make, the usual EAS slides with that creepy voice is a little more easier. I have some plans for the last three months of this year, so an EAS scenario with news and Macomb County TV is out of the question after I get this one done.

Expect some more pages for this website done. But with the news mentioned on the second paragraph, that could also be delayed.

20 Jul 20

Living In The Covid Reality

Hello folks, yes I did say I was coming on back on at the very least a “temporary time,” and since April, I haven’t spinned anything besides bringing back this website. I imagine I’m pissing a few people off.

With my so-called professional life, when we returned to work with my demotion, I was thinking I was going to work 35 hours a week at best. To my surprise, I’m seeing nearly double. With that being said, making 45-minute EAS vids are once again taking a back seat. I’m at the factory 7 days a week with mainly 12 hour days. When you do brutal manual labor for 12 hours in a hot factory, you’re creativity is going to take a nasty shit. So, for those folks who are shouting my name in anger, sorry bitches! Making EAS vids aren’t making me money, shit, I’ve lost money to that. Gotta invest!

I also noticed that Supernatural Threat II (was supposed to be my last EAS vid) isn’t getting much hits compared to Supernatural Threat I. My best guess is that ST II is rated 18+ and some of the youngsters who watch my vids can’t get access to that one. I have been talking to one of the bigs of the EAS community via e-mail and he tells me that quite a few youngsters are floating around watching and making EAS vids.

There was a comment (now deleted) on Soundboard Hack where a fan said he showed his 11-year-old cousin the video. I kinda don’t want 11-year-olds watching Soundboard Hack, it’s not for kids. Unlike Trix cereal…

Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids…