About Me

Just a guy who works 6-7 days a week at two jobs I don’t like. My primary job is the automotive industry and my second is a delivery driver. While not torturing myself for $$$, I’m studying to be a programmer. In 2017, my ass got a little fat, so I exercise 5 days out of 7. Been looking to bike more than running, I’ve notice my gut is getting smaller with the biking. More time on the bike, and more time on the stationary bike during the winter time. I also want to do some sprinting, but I’m scared shitless to do so while on a treadmill or out in my area. I live in a highly populated area with idiot drivers. Plus with biking, I’m more in-tune to do that when I wake up, the idea of running when I wake up doesn’t register with me most times than not.

With programming, I can do some HTML, CSS, JavaScript and I want to be a master at the SQL language. I know most people don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, so I’ll just put some links to stuff I made:



Besides that, I’m just a lone wolf and a nobody. Kinda want to stay that way! For the past three years, I’ve had my phone ring quite a lot with somebody on the end asking “can you do me a favor?” When this happens many times within a short period, it’ll get to you.

To make it interesting, here are some celebrities and has-beens I’ve met:

Isiah Thomas (former NBA all-star)

Mark Randall (former NBA player)

Vinnie (from Sponge)

Geoff Downes (Asia & Buggles – The guy in the back in ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’)

Helio Castroneves (Indy Car Driver, sat by him at a Pistons game on my 33rd birthday)

Jim Norton – 3 times! (Comedian and 3rd mic of the former Opie & Anthony show)

John Payne (frontman and bassist for Asia in 1991-2006)

Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson (Clerks series)

Anthony Micheal Hall (The Breakfast Club & More)

Thomas Ian Nichols (Rookie Of The Year, Musician)

Tom “Tiny” Lister Jr. (Debbo in Friday Series, President in The Fifth Element)

Kane Hodder – (Jason in Friday The 13th Series)

Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, RIP)