An Update Of Sorts

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Hello Weinerbutts! On Friday 14 Aug 2020 at 3pm, I was told at my primary job that I had came in contact with an employee who possibly had covid-19. On Wednesday 19 Aug 2020, I got a call from my primary job that the test from the said person was negative. During that time, I was able to relax a little and got some of my next EAS movie done with the VideoPad. I was thinking I’ll keep going with the next EAS scenario and try to finish it on Labor Day.

Sadly, I have news that an ex-girlfriend of mine is in the hospital and it appears that she is not going to make it. First, I saw the post on Facebook stating that she did pass away. Later, I saw that she is in the process of passing away. I don’t fault the family for false info. When you have family members on their way to death, most times than not you don’t think clearly. Not sure if this is Covid-19 related, but it appears that way. So, with today, I won’t be pushing to get working on the EAS vid, and it won’t be that way until at least Sunday. Expect my next EAS scenario to come up in September-ish.

After this one, my next EAS scenario will take place in Florida, so sadly, no Rod Cambridge and Macomb County TV. This one will be a weather scenario with mainly EAS and NOAA alerts. The Macomb County TV bulletin board can be a pain in the ass to make, the usual EAS slides with that creepy voice is a little more easier. I have some plans for the last three months of this year, so an EAS scenario with news and Macomb County TV is out of the question after I get this one done.

Expect some more pages for this website done. But with the news mentioned on the second paragraph, that could also be delayed.

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