About Me

Me at a Tiger Game in 2018

Not my best pic, but why not.

My name is Robbie Thomas, I was born in 1982. My interests include 80s Music, Baseball Management, World History, Writing (burning out), Local Events, Web Development, Microsoft Excel and anything else I cannot think of.

This website was launched in November 2019 as something I can make behind a paywall. With Facebook and Twitter putting out some censors and pushing more standards, I decided to make my own blog. I intended this as my events deal, where I go to local events, festivals, ball games and blog about them with pictures. Also, since I suffer from ADHD, and this site will discuss that very topic.

With my creative life, I wrote five books. I have made an RPG game in 2000 and did have a few sites and blogs. My time with Web Development and Article Writing had burned me out good, plus with article writing, I saw very few pennies coming my way. Perhaps I’m not so good at it… I from 2017-2019 and a couple in 2020, I got into the EAS Scenario making on YouTube, you can find it here at WishesNetwork. I also did Electronica music from 2002-2011. I’m back on it 2021

When it comes to writing another novel, I have my best intentions to finish novels 6 and 7 by the time 2030 comes. Unless there is some demand for a Robbee Thomas novel (I have it as Robbee, there is a psychic named Robbie Thomas who also writes books), I’m not going to go fast on the novel writing.

In the political spectrum, I’m a Libertarian. I supported Jo Jorgensen in the 2020 Presidential Election, Gary Johnson in the 2016 Election. And with Michigan in 2018, I voted for Bill Geilneau for Governor (he didn’t win).

When Covid-19 came to town in March 2020, going to concerts, local events and festivals were put on hold and until early 2021. With my creative life, been a little too burned out.

Plus, as of late May 2021, life is going back to normal. So expect me to be out and about. Not at home much working on a novel only a few people are going to care about. I may return with making EAS vids via WishesNetwork in the later months of 2021, well see.

Otherwise, yes, Louis CK done f–ked up in recent times, but I have to add this to explain my life. Only, it is about 25-30 percent:

If you don’t see the quote, here it is:

“Have you ever done something, or lived a moment, that you afterwards said, ‘Yeah, I don’t think I’m telling anyone about that.’ I would say 40 percent of my life is made up with moments like that.”

Louis CK