Motor City Rockers!

Posted: 30 April 2022 by Robbie

Motor City Rockers
From the Facebook Page

Could it really be? FPHL in Detroit?

Apparently so, I have run into this on Twitter and yes, we should have an FPHL team in Detroit. Well, Fraser actually! Here it is:

As of 30 Apr 2022 at Midnight, the FPHL hasn’t made any official announcement of the team on the official website, or on Twitter. But with the second mention, the FPHL’s official Twitter account hasn’t been active since February. However, the FPHL has a webpage dedicated to the team. The Rockers were supposed to be a part of the FPHL 2021-22 season. I remember seeing a big announcement on the Macomb Daily (the newspaper/site dedicated to Macomb County for those non-local). The coach was going to be Kahili Thomas (no relation, far as I know). Thomas had played for the Flint Generals in the former UHL. He also played in the former CHL and played a few games with the Detroit Vipers in their last year. However, The Rockers did not show up due to Covid-19. Despite making the announcement in August 2020.

According to another local free magazine, the Metro Times, The Rockers fell into new ownership and they seem to be solid on the idea of participating in the 2022-23 season. I hope so, I’m quite excited to see a minor league team nearby me. I have seen the Port Huron Prowlers a few times already, including a game this month. However, I wasn’t up to blogging about that game. It’s also nice because the arena where the Rockers will be playing is just 7 miles away from me. Opposed to Port Huron which is 47 miles away. Don’t get me wrong, I will like to see the Prowlers in the next season in their home stadium, but I think I’ll keep it to one game. It’s also a bummer that my favorite restaurant Tio Gordo Cocina in Port Huron went belly-up due to Covid. I liked that place!

Hopefully, it stays firm and the Rockers do play in the FPHL. From my understanding, the FPHL wants to get 10 teams going for the next season. Also, let’s hope that the Rockers stay for more than a year, or longer. FPHL did have a St. Clair Shores team and that ended in a year. That team’s star player Zack Zulkanycz and also Jonathan Juliano (from Clinton Township) would later go to the Port Huron Prowlers. But since Coivd-19 came to town, the two of them are no longer playing hockey. Wonder what those two are up to. Mr. Zulkanycz is from Alaska, perhaps he found a better job up there.

Peace, Love & Fractions

Robbie T.

PS. Here’s a link about a St. Clair Shores game I attended in 2017.

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