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Posted: 6 April 2022 by Robbie

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Usually, I title my creative updates with News, Weather & Entertainment, but I decided on a more simple title.

The week before my birthday, I had moved about two miles away from my previous place. I’m currently in Macomb Township (or Macomb Townshit as I sometimes call it). This is my second time being a Macomb Townshit resident. I think I’ll be here for a least two years but circumstances can change. During the move, a crisis of sorts erupted and one can say I wasn’t looking at things the usual way. It also doesn’t help when a few distant family members are pissing and moaning at me about what I did in the past. I won’t be mentioning names, but for the two of you who did this, stop already! Find somebody more stable to beg for help or to complain to. I ain’t fucking perfect.

After the move and my 40th birthday, I have got out my creative materials and looking to get back on track. With Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile, I have one song done. Let’s just say the Earthbound era may last two years. I have a second song in the works but haven’t got to the rest of it lately. Also, the original plan wasn’t to use pre-made EJay samples or be highly dependent on other artists’ samples. I think it’s going to go in the opposite direction.

For those who wish I get back to EAS scenarios, I’ll say this, I’m looking to. But as of now, it’s a possibility. I do have one in mind and I do have some plans to continue writing it. However, if life gets in the way, I can’t continue. Here’s a bummer for those who like my EAS movies, they are going to have a little less Macomb County TV. The Macomb County TV screens are a serious pain in the ass to make. Hell, my scenario in question is more nationwide as opposed to just Macomb County and the surrounding areas.

I will still continue with this blog and I may go into article writing. I know I won’t make shit with article writing but I want to give it a try. If I write an article that is more promising, I’ll be pitching it to some other website sans this one.

Novel writing? Don’t count on it this year. Besides EAS scenarios and the next mention, I’m not too interested in long-term projects.

And to end it all, if I don’t have too much going on, I’m thinking about creating an RPG Game via RPG Maker. However, if my job demands for me to be there often, this possibility may not happen. I don’t want too many creative projects going on at the same time and if I’m working 55+ hours a week for many weeks in a row, I’ll be focusing more on short-term projects like an Electronica song and small articles (1500 words or less).

I know a few folks would say, Aw c’mon! Do something big! But most of my creativity has cost me money that I haven’t made back. Shit, I wrote five novels and only one made me money, a triple-digit profit. My job and my investing have made me money. And in 2017-18, I have made money with DraftKings (2017 was a small triple-digit profit). So if the DraftKings goes well, I’ll be focusing more on baseball data as opposed to the next EAS scenario.

I kinda prefer to do projects that only require my attention than trying to spend money on the promotion of my next Techno track and only a few people buy the track and I only get 57 cents. Or write a 100,000-word novel that only six people give a shit about.

One thing non-creative I have to mention, I’m been watching some of the Crumbley family pre-trial coverage a little more than usual. I have thought of a long-term writing project that might lead to a video or to someone else’s podcast. Anybody with a crime podcast want to talk?

Peace, Love and Fractions.

Robbie T.

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