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Posted: 11 March 2022 by Robbie

The Skirmish at the end of the 2nd Period.

Yes, finally a Red Wings Game. This one is considered a big stroke of luck due to me winning the tickets due to a raffle. A raffle that had over 200 people putting tickets in. I had won raffles before but they were very small ones, such as small Special Ed raffles with 10 or fewer students in them. That’s an easy raffle to win. That’s four times I just said raffle (now five) in this blog post, I better take it easy with that word.

Of course, The Red Wings now play at Little Caesars Arena. I do miss Joe Louis Arena but I suppose you can’t have the same team play for eons in the same stadium I guess. I’ve heard stories about how the Islanders had been behind on the times. Also, there is The Port Huron Prowlers and how old their arena is, but I do like that old-school feel. I knew I wasn’t going to get much of this while visiting Little Caesars Arena, but that wasn’t a serious problem.

The Red Wings after their first goal of the game. 10 March 2022.

Today’s game was against the Minnesota Wild. I do remember that Minnesota had the North Stars until the franchise moved to Dallas in 93-94 and became just the Stars. It would be fucking idiotic to call them the Dallas North Stars, eh? Dallas’s first game was against the Red Wings at Dallas’ home stadium and Dallas beat the Red Wings 6-4. I could have sworn that was Osgood’s first game but Hockey-Reference says otherwise!

The Minnesota North Stars were featured in the first Mighty Ducks movie, and they played against another defunct team, the Hartford Whalers. Can’t get enough of that 90s hockey. I also saw a man wear a Detroit Vipers jersey, I want one of those! The first period was quite dramatic with the Wings leading 3-2 at the end of it all. But although I was rooting for the Red Wings, this fuck up by Alex Nedeljkovic in the first period made me laugh my ass off:

After laughing my ass off, some guys behind us were discussing that and I told him a great story of me doing practically the same thing back in 1993-94. Can’t remember which year. The game in question was at a parking lot between the now Defunct Janet’s Lunch and the now Zealous Root. I was playing goalie and we had a good lead in the middle of the game, it was 6-0 or even a little more or less. The ball floats over to me with no opposing players nearby. And I take a whack at it intending to pass it to a player on the attack zone. Needless to say, I missed and accidentally hit it backward and into the goal.

This was followed by most players on my team groaning about that. Next, a player on my team, a 7-year-old kid named Josh approached me and said with his squeaky voice, “You suck! Get out of the goal faggot, I’m playing goal.”

He got many goals against in a short period of time and we ended up losing the game. Josh had a bigger brother who beat the shit out of me once or twice. After this, I told him he sucked after the game and got my ass kicked by his brother afterward. I told that whole story to those guys behind me minus the part where I got my ass kicked, and one replied, “Yeah, but you were a kid playing street hockey, he’s (Nedeljkovic) a professional.” Good point.

Also, the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie fucked up as well too on this very day:

You might also enjoy this article here, I liked it.

The end of the second period is the most interesting part of the game. I’ll shut the hell up and let you look:

Hopefully, Raymond is okay after that one.

The game went to a shootout and ended with the Wild winning the game. It was an exciting game that sadly didn’t end in the Wings’ favor. It was worth the trip! I don’t pay much attention to the NHL these days and I do miss the 90s and early 2000s hockey. I fell away from the Red Wings after their Stanley Cup loss in 2009. Not due to that loss really, it was due to the players I knew were leaving the game or had already left. Yzerman, Federov, McCarty, Lapointe, I can name quite a few.

It’s not just Red Wings players, I liked Mike Modano (was with the Wings his final year), Trevor Linden, Ziggy Palffy, Kirk Muller, Mark Messier, I could name a few more! We still had Osgood at the time and he did very well in 2008. But all these players, they can’t play forever. And I understand that.

Darren McCarty was supposed to be at Astronomicon 3 and I was waiting around. But he never showed up while I was there. Bummer, I really wanted a picture of me and him. A game prior to the one I attended, the Wings got their asses kicked big time 9-2. Darren McCarty had something to say to that:

If Darren McCarty is doing a local show, I want to watch more of that from now on. As I said too many times already, I miss that 90s-2000s hockey!

Also on the same day, MLB and MLBPA made an agreement. Great, we can have baseball now! A little delayed, but you can’t win them all.

The game’s box score

Some more photos of that game:

Peace, Love and Fractions.

Robbie T.

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