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Posted: 19 December 2021 by Robbie

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Credit Card Rating Jumped 46 Points

Not bad for a Credit Card Virgin, heh! I still have my secured credit card but was able to get another card with a $1,000 limit. It’s better than the $200 my secured credit card offered. My Equifax and Experian ratings are at 712, jumping from the number of the beast, 666. Perhaps I’ve been cursed by the devil? (If one does exist). Next for my rating to drop and drop? Sounds like a crappy horror movie idea.

I like the new credit card with the $1,000 limit. According to this NPR Life Kit episode, it’s best to keep your number at a 1/3 or less. So for me, I need to keep it down to $333.33. Goes prime with 666, heh? As said, my secured card had a limit of $200. It went past $66.66 twice. One time, it went to $125 and I paid it off immediately when I was aware. But my score went down. The second time, I had an inkling after a purchase and it was at $71. I paid it off quickly and it didn’t seem to screw with my score (or perhaps it did). So, it’s best for me to keep an eye on my new credit card and make sure it doesn’t go past $333

Finance Flicks

Frontline officially released The Secret History of the Credit Card on YouTube. Interesting to see this 2004 film with people using computers with CRT monitors. I haven’t used one of those since 2008 and I don’t ever want to use those ever again. This documentary features Ben Stein who at the time had many credit cards with him. This also features then Professor Elizabeth Warren. Recent news: Senator Warren tested positive for Covid-19. The movie explains who difficult credit card rules can be. I guess I better prepare if I make too many mistakes.

Another one I watched today was The Power of the Fed. It explained the 2008 Financial Crisis and help me understand a little more about Quantitative Easing. But also, it discussed recent events and I think we are going on to some uncertain territory down the road. Or heading to some uncertain weather (like the Genesis song I kinda enjoy).

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