Troubling Times Ahead Overview

Posted: 12 December 2021 by Robbie

This here is an overview of the Troubling Times Ahead album. Finally, after nearly 10 years, Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile (fka Shite) had spit out some new music. I said in January 2021 I was going to try and make an “album” and I accomplished that. I’m not an island on this one, I did receive help and took a few samples from EJay. I’m not totally original on this. Without further ado, here is the overview.

That Wish – This is the first song I got going when this project began. This track was all samples from Techno EJay 3 and none of my own. So, this is me DJ’ing this and sling samples onto EJay’s 32 track interphase. I was going to title the song ‘October Faction’ from the one season Netflix show of the same name. But opted for ‘That Wish.’

Many Bad Decisions – Mostly EJay here. I made this track while having Writer’s block, or a creative block to make more sense. One of the songs I wanted to title with the words ‘bad decision.’ I thought about calling this song “The Bad Decision Blues,” but it’s a Techno/Electronica song. It’ll be awfully fucking idiotic if I were to title a Techno song with the word Blues in it.

Generation QAnon –  Generation QAnon got pulled off of YouTube. Perhaps Marjorie Taylor Greene heard this herself and contacted YouTube? I’m not a big fanof this silly QAnon conspiracry theory. The keyboards, bassline and other various sounds were done by me. The beats are from EJay.

Times Beach – One of three of my Sci-Fi/Horror music tracks. Has that 80s vibe to it. Of the three tracks of this type, I like this one the best. Named after an abandoned town in Missouri.

Premonition – A mix of Industrial and Techno. Despite being dependent on a few EJay samples, I did five different takes on this song. The first two were too loud. I saw it pass the threshold when playing the track on my Wave Editor. This is one of the two songs I made the mistake of uploading with the craptastic result.

Highway 150 – One of my personal favorites. I had to pay tribute to M-150 or Michigan Highway 150. It goes through a couple of my favorite cities, Rochester & Rochester Hills. A couple of the loops & one of the samples were from EJay, the rest I did myself. I’m very proud of the bassline.

Centraila –  Number two of the Sci-Fi/Horror theme songs. IU was experimenting with the ‘Take Your Time’ voice on the Prophet V Synthesizer. The first upload’s volume was a little too low. I didn’t figure this out until a couple of months later when I took a listen myself via SoundCloud. I had to upload a new one with the volume just right (I hope!). Named after a near-ghost town in PA.

Troubling Times Ahead – Made this a few days after the 2021 Capitol Riot. I had thoughts of adding sound clips of the extreme fanatical folks from that riot but later decided not too. The title was influenced by one of my own blog posts, and it became the title of this album. 90 percent EJay and with one sample made by me. Troubling Times Ahead is influenced by the Sun’s Temple music in the RPG Evolution Worlds.

Saturnalia – Highly influenced by the song “Love You Down” by Ready For The World. I used the ‘Hammnd’ voice through most of the song. Proud to say this song had 90% of the samples made by me. Saturnalia has been doing somewhat well in SoundCloud as of this blog posting. As I carry on to the future, I want to make more tracks more dependent on me, opposed to more dependent on EJay samples or others.

Purely Mediocre – Minus one sample, this one is (almost) all me. This song was an attempt to make a Deep House track similar to Avoure’s Aura. I heard this song a few weeks before spitting out Purely Mediocre and became a little too obsessed with this song. I listened to it quite a few times while creating this track. Needless to say, Purely Mediocre doesn’t quite sound like Aura, and perhaps it shouldn’t. To poke fun at the attempt, I gave the song this title. On a personal note, I don’t like this one but a couple of co-workers do. I guess I did something right.

A Time Of Bliss – Wow, the third song on this “album” with the word time in it. Quite obsessed with that word, am I? I have a separate blog post about this song, take a look here.

Pripyat – The final and last of three in the Sci-Fi/Horror themed tracks. named after the great abandoned city that played victim to Chernobyl. I do highly recommend you to check out the new HBO Miniseries. This song included some experimental sounds and even the Geiger-Counter.

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