Jenna Ryan Ain’t Special

Posted: 10 November 2021 by Robbie

From AlexaTimes

Jenna Ryan is the gift that keeps on giving. With her recent madness on Twitter and her sentenced to prison for 60 days is quite interesting to me. My initial thought that it’ll be a 50/50 chance of her seeing any jail time due to her status. Say if there was a big riot at a local or state government building that she was involved with, I’d say it’ll be a 25% chance or less that she would be going to jail. But when you cause a stir at a federal level, the chances are better you will see punishment for your crimes. Even if you’re a blonde-haired woman.

However, I seriously don’t believe Jenna Ryan will see the full 60 days of her prison time. But if I’m wrong, I’ll say it here. The thing I wonder is did Jenna actually have liquid cash to pay for an attorney? I’d imagine not when she later begged for help. It does appear that Jenna Ryan does have some money but I wonder if she had a majority of her money in investments and she had to sell them to get the cash for her lawyer. That, or she was doing her best trying to look rich. And also, when it comes to PayPal telling her to go screw when begging for donations, well, PayPal is a company and they can tell you to go screw. However, she is able to receive donations through a Christian version of GoFundMe.

Jenna Ryan, at around the time of her sentencing, has created some organization called Web Kindness. Since most of Jenna’s tweets don’t allow you to comment, her organization allows you to comment as of this blog posting. It is interesting to see the comments on that. She is still active on Twitter and Tiktok and seems to be reading the comments people leave her. She is doing a YouTube show here:

I suppose she is doing this until she get’s thrown in jail. She has also tried her hand in CCM.

For the secular mind, I would say Jenna Ryan is a very hypocritical Christian. But besides that, I’m not going to spend a whole paragraph or two complaining about her Christian hypocrisy. If provided that I’m wrong and the Christians are right, I guess it’s up to God to keep her in heaven when she dies. But besides that, she can be a hypocritical Christian in Frisco and in prison all she wants. She’s not calling my phone or coming to my home telling me to find Jesus. Yes, I am talking about Jenna Ryan here on my blog because I do find religious hypocrisy quite interesting.

Do Christians sin? Yes, they do. A lot of us fuck up, whether your Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Non-believer, we all fuck up. But the level of her hypocrisy is what interests me and how she is reactive to the people who comment on her social media blubs. This and her narcissism as well.

But back in the day, I worked at a few family restaurants, especially on Sunday mornings. And some of the worst customers are these high-class female church going types. Or Karens I should say.

From KnowYourMeme

The thing I wondered about with these folks (Or Karens) is, you live in a high class neighborhood, you got your money, you got your Jesus. And with some of them, you got the husband who pays a good chunk of your bills. Why are you so mad? Well, with that last mention, that one doesn’t seem to apply to Jenna Ryan. She did mention in her first YouTube show that she has a boyfriend.

If Jenna Ryan, prior to her crime at the Capitol, has worked hard to make her business ventures profitable, good for her. I don’t have a problem with that. However, you take a private plane to DC there and cause trouble. Next, you are asking for donations? Or Donald Trump to pardon you? You done fucked up there Jenna. If your not happy with the election results, fine. Not saying you shouldn’t be. I’m not too, the person I voted for didn’t win either.

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