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Posted: 1 April 2020 by Robbie

I made a 2 minute video on WishesNetwork announcing a temporary comeback. Due to this pandemic, I had been laid-off until it’s considered safe to be out and about. With that being said, I’m just doing a part-time job and have more time on my hands to get some of my creative projects done and more time to get certified in a few technologies. I got certified in both Bookkeeping and Excel 2019, looking to get a couple more.

I also stated on the video (well, the text did) that I was considering a one-off later this year and not mentioned was the idea that I’d do two scenarios a year. One scenario I would like to do is a sequel to Alien Attack. I’m thinking of doing that towards the end of the year, we’ll see.

Also, I’m not trying to be a total mysterious asshole to my fans out there. In November and December last year, I made two vids with me talking to the camera. I’m not the biggest fan of vlogging, I’d rather do this even though it’s so 2000-ish. I also was looking to do a Coronavirus video but balked on that. Wasn’t happy with the two attempts I made.

I was told I was laid off at my job on March 19 and they were looking for a return on March 31, my birthday. I was thinking that was unlikely. Then President Trump last week said he was looking to have life return to normal on Easter Sunday. I wanted that to happen, but I knew it was unlikely. On Sunday, he changed his mind. My guess is life will “kinda sorta” go back to normal in mid-May. With that being said, perhaps I can squeeze two EAS scenarios.

That’s all for now.

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