Canterbury Village and Orion Oaks Park

Posted: 6 June 2021 by Robbie

Canterbury Village

One of the first places opening up in Michigan is Canterbury Village in Lake Orion. I haven’t been there since I was 6 or 7, so after 30-plus years I thought, why not? Canterbury Village wasn’t someplace I could stay for a while in the end. They didn’t have a special event besides the markets. I’m not looking to buy things under the non-essential consumer goods besides sports cards (sans baseball), certain t-shirts and few books.

Canterbury Village does have a hard cider place called Fourth Coast Ciderworks. The best strawberry hard ciders I had. They also have quite a few places selling CBD products. But I was looking for CBD gummies. I running out and I don’t see my foot doctor until July 2nd. That’s where I buy them. Sadly, none of those places sell them.

While I was a little tipsy, I inquired about renting an electric bike. I told the shopkeeper I’ll come by later when I’m sober due to the hard cider. Canterbury Village has a Yates Cider Mill ‘annex’ of sorts. For those who are in the Detroit area, Yates Cider Mill is at 23 Mile and Dequindre. But they have there own shop here in the village. I had some ice cream. After using my breathalyzer and spitting out a 0.000%, I inquired about using an electric bike, but the shopkeeper told me no due to me previously being drunk. I didn’t pull a Karen about it and accepted the answer of no. Don’t want to find myself on a Karens In The Wild video.

Since Canterbury Village didn’t have much to offer, I went “next door” to Orion Oaks Park. Really, it was about a mile north of the village. I walked down some of the trails while listening to the Tigers game. Here’s some photos:

While walking down this trail and fending off bugs (weren’t that bad), I thought a lot about my so-called creative life. Since we are going back to normal (much faster than I thought), I’ve been thinking about what events I will be attending to in the upcoming summer weeks. A Tiger game is on my thoughts, but have been thinking of waiting until July or after due to some restrcitions and hoops you need to jump though (not literally) in order to attend the game. Let’s say I just don’t want to head over there with my ticket and they say, “Uh, we have a problem here.” Yes, I can be a fucking cunt when I deal with that kind of situation, but I don’t want to travel some miles to a Tiger Game I can’t attend due to missing something.

One of my favorite 80s cover bands called the Square Pegz are going to be in Downtown Rochester on July 16th and I want to go to that. With this disorganized paragraph here, one can say that I’ll be hardly involved with any creative works sans Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile. There is another song coming soon. When it comes to novels, I have my best intentions to write books six and seven before 2030 arrives. However, don’t expect book six anytime soon. My last two novels Gambler Volume One and Two are free on WattPad. I’m looking for some advertising avenues and we’ll see how that goes. If some interest comes of it, I’ll continue on with my novel writing soon. If not, fuck it. I’ll take my sweet-ass time!

Hell, besides my investing, I don’t think about where I’ll be in five years. If I’m still an assembly-line man at that time, fine. My job has for the most part have a lot of overtime available, I’ll just keep making money while I’m physically and mentally capable of doing so. Have that extra money to invest and perhaps I can work less hours and the stock market and take care of the rest and then some.

I don’t have any serious asperations as of now. Just enjoying my weekends off (until they figure out the microchip problem) and normal coming back. I want to go to concerts, sports games, barbeques, events, etc. Stay tuned to another post very soon. Going to talk about how my life fell apart in June 2007 and how it took me a couple of years to get back on track.

Peace, Love and Fractions!

Robbie Thomas.

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