Birthday Tradition & The Future Thought Pre-Covid

Posted: 31 March 2021 by Robbie

My 9th Birthday / With Super Mario Bros. 3

On 30 March 1990, the first live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was released to theatres. I got to see it a day later on my 8th birthday. On 22 March 1991, the second one got released, and got to see it around my 9th birthday. Since 2010, on or around my birthday, I watch both movies. And here’s somewhat of a psychotic confession, each time I watch these movies every year, I get a little depressed. I think it has to do with me wishing it was the early 90s all other again.

When I was 8 or 9 and the most important thing to me was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Brothers and the Detroit Pistons. And when MC Hammer, Color Me Badd (ugh), and Young MC (I hated his only hit) were all other on the radio. And now we are in 2021 (30 damn years since the second movie) and seeing how being an adult can suck.

When summer of 1993 arrived, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took a back seat for me and for most of the pop culture at the time. I discovered Grunge Music and it spoke to my 11-year-old Special Ed-self. And I didn’t think too much of the TMNT sans some parts in the late 90s. I and some friends went back to the NES and played TMNT II: The Arcade Game a couple of times. In 2010, I saw the DVD on display and made the buy. Can’t remember for the life of me where I bought it from.

But since 2010, I have watched both aforementioned movies around my birthday. Enjoying that goofy-ass 90’s culture and all it offered. Then go back to a job I don’t really enjoy (or two jobs) and maintain in this hypocritical shithole society. I guess in 2021, the important things are saving and investing, keeping my house intact, and paying bills. And also trying to be there for family gigs, I like to be part of those more often.

With getting depressed, I had some times in 2020 where it hit me. I know I’m not the only one, quite a few folks feel depressed during our troubling times. I did say about how in July of last year, I fell into a passively suicidal realm due to a few things going wrong in a matter of a few days. A week and a half later, I walked away from that and moved forward as I continued into the Covid reality.

Recently, I went to Rochester for a walk on the trails there. Next to wander back in Downtown Rochester with some thoughts of my Pre-Covid future plans. From 2012 until Covid-19 came to town, was to move to the Rochester or Rochester Hills. Both cities are quite expensive but they do have less expensive options. My primary job (now only job as of this time) is located in Southern Macomb County and there are not many freeways to Rochester from my job. I’m not the biggest fan of long commutes. Also, the fastest way to Rochester to my job is a one-lane a piece road that sometimes asks for the speed limit of 40 MPH.

In 2004-06, I had a part-time job as a shipping clerk in Armada. The commute would be about 12 miles from my place. The best route was a one-lane-a-piece road with a speed limit of 55. However, there were times where some asshole would drive 35-40 mph and with the many curves the road had, it wasn’t so easy to pass at times. And I HATE SLOW DRIVERS! Going to reality, I find myself at my job 12 hours a day some days and a 45-minute commute would not do me good.

In 2014-2018, I had been on and off in online college and got myself a few certifications. Sadly, I could not get anything that could compete with the wages I get now doing manual labor. Plus, for the most part, since I started at the job I mentioned now since 2009, I work 50+ hours a week with some weeks going past 60+, with overtime. In the last couple of years, I made $60K+. Does being in an assembly line sucks? It does, but I get paid well and I manage my money well. In 2019, I made Process Tech and I gave up on further education. Lost that when Covid-19 came to town. I came back to education for a couple of months in 2020, but my primary job began to kick my ass hard with hours.

I guess I can’t do college (online) and working 55+ hours a week.

But from 2012-19, I would go on these trails by foot or by bike. And after returning to Rochester, I would dine at one of the many places. And I found myself thinking, I got to get a good job around here, get a chick (some lovely lady age 40-55, I love cougars!) and a few friends who can handle a few crude jokes. Then on the weekends or weekday nights, we shoot some pool or go to Rochester Mills and watch the Tigers game on summer nights. A good bar band would play there, me and my chick would dance the night away. Then go home to a lovely apartment or house with smiles on our faces.

After Covid-19 came to town (been saying that many times, getting bored now?), this fantasy of living somewhat nice in Rochester/Rochester Hills isn’t so important now. But as we progress away from Covid-19, I would like to have friends over to Rochester Mills Bar.

While typing this article, I was listening to the Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 49. One of the folks in the show had mentioned that the average American works 37-38 hours. I’m working 55+ a week. It does bring that extra money where I can invest. But that 37-38 makes me wonder if I’m doing it all wrong. It’s also nice to see Dr. Jo Jorgensen appear again since her loss as President.

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