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Posted: 17 January 2021 by Robbie

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This blog wasn’t intended as a political blog, for starters, and I don’t intend to go all-in on politics. Again, it was started to highlight some of the concerts, events, and fun shit I do starting in November 2019. Sadly, Covid-19 came to town, and I’m stuck at home due to Michigan’s strict lockdown orders or working 55+ hours a week (January is usually slow). However, 6 Jan 2021 is why I’m continuing on this, and I do have quite a few things to say.

As said in my previous post, I did have an EAS Scenario idea of chaos in D.C., where Trump supporters riot and kill a few democratic politicians. I also intended to have the death of Rep. Maxime Holmes, a fictional character featured in Soundboard Hack. This scenario was intended to follow Supernatural Threat II, but when YouTube moved the goal post in late 2019, I decided the Supernatural Threat series was my last. Then Covid-19 came to town, so I decided to continue. However, I lost the notes for that scenario, so I started fresh with Superstorm Robbie. Then I did Nuclear Plant Incident. Then on 7 Jan 2021, I decided to say fuck it again. Sorry for the folks who wish I continue, but as said in that tweet, I cannot compete with that.

Speaking of the EAS, while watching one of many raw videos of the Capitol Hill blunder, EAS alerts were issued via a speaker around that area outside. I can’t find the vids right now and don’t feel like searching for them. Look for yourself.

Again, I’m a Libertarian; I think both parties suck. Also, I do have some concerns about more Democrats in office (we’re heading there). For those folks who love Trump and love to say what the liberals are doing to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle is bad, I agree. Those three places have some serious problems, and a large Democrat stronghold (as California has) can cause some serious problems. However, I don’t think all Democrats in the office are a part of some satanic child sex ring. Down the road, you might hear in the news that a Democrat in the office got caught sexting with a minor, and folks who support Qanon would point their fingers and say, “See!? We told you! Those damn Democrats!!” Shit, didn’t Ted Cruz pressed the favorite button on a Porn Tweet and threw a staffer under the bus? It’s this fucking finger-pointing. Shut the fuck up!!

I also have concerns about our economy with a Democratic-controlled Congress, such as adding more to the national debt (Trump also did that, I was hoping he wouldn’t). I do have some changes coming up on my investment portfolio, including the possibility of getting rid of some of my ETFs involved with gov’t bonds.

I do find Jenna Ryan and Jacob Angeli Chansley interesting. With the latter, I found myself asking, “What the fuck were you thinking?” I read a few articles about Mr. Chansley, including a favorite here. Apparently, he was multiple-times dancing on top of the roof of his mom’s home. He also has been complaining about the prison food and had demanded organic food, and I guess he got what he wanted. I wonder how this would go, does a staffer at the jail have to go to a local store nearby and get this sad cunt’s food? Nice to see he gets special treatment. But at the end of it all, what the fuck has to go wrong in your life where you believe this bullshit that all Democrats and the Elites that support them are all part of a global child-sex ring?

Mr. Chansley surely is a ne’er-do-well and I was once one. So, I guess I shouldn’t give Mr. Chansley so much shit. If I was still who I was when I was 19-23 and a group of folks got a hold of me, offered me a free trip to Washington DC to ask me to act like a total cunt wearing a Viking helmet, my then-dumbass self would probably up there too. There were a few years where I sucked at life.

And speaking of demanding special treatment, we have Jenna Ryan, who was involved with the Capitol Hill Blunder (I’m going a call it a blunder). She had taken a private jet to D.C. for this. Now, the private jet part and her having money, I have no problem with it. She is (or was) in Realty, and she appears to be successful. If she did well in Realty and her side job as a Life Coach, doing all this in a legit matter, good. You got paid, you got your private jet. If she is a shitty home seller and did some racial steering and other bullshit, then fuck you. But so far as of writing this post, I haven’t seen any evidence of that. I don’t give a shit if someone flew on a private jet to DC.

The problem I have is that she is demanding a pardon from Trump. This article was written on 16 Jan 2021, so we aren’t sure if she would get one. If not, I don’t think Jenna Ryan will see prison time. She’ll likely lawyer up and buy herself out of that serious trouble. She had a self-help book on the way, but that was scrapped. She’ll likely lose her realty license and also her business. I don’t know jack shit about the realty business, so I couldn’t tell you the specifics on how that would go.

After it’s all said and done, there will be multiple documentaries and shows about the Trump Presidency. I’m pretty sure Netflix will have a 10 or more episode deal, with an episode of the Capitol Blunder. Hell, I’ll play one of the rioters. I’ll put on some MAGA gear and smash a few windows saying, “Dem Damn Democrats! Dere takin’ away all my penis pills!” I also wonder if Trump was really going to join those folks in that Capitol Blunder. I don’t think Trump was going there to encourage what happened there (or he just might). But I wonder if he had intentions to go there, and the people around him told him no. If he had no intentions of going there, he threw all those people under the bus. According to PBS’ Lisa Desjardins, who was at the Capitol when the shit hit the fan, people got in there, and they were confused as to what was going to happen next. She even was asked by these folks where the restrooms were. I think most of these people didn’t think of the further consequences they would later see. Or they believed that Trump would take care of them in the end, just like Jenna Ryan.

Anyways, that’s pretty much in for now. Yes, there is a lot more to say about the folks there, including that Olympian Swimmer. I must say that I have been digging up info and reading many articles about this historic event. Sadly, I think I’m a little too obsessed. Right now, as I finish this, I’m listening to Howard Stern’s comments on this. Likely, you’ll see more posts about this event down the road.

Peace, Love and Fractions.

Until later…

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