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Posted: 29 November 2020 by Robbie

Downtown Rochester, MI / 29 Nov 2019

This will be three or four (or more) paragraphs discussing where I’ll be going with my so-called creative life. For starters, I plan on releasing Gambler Volume Two just before 2020 ends. I plan to sign back up for Grammarly for a month and try to do one chapter a day with Grammarly’s input to make the book better to read (hopefully). I’d rather not have unedited shit out there made by me. Please take a look at the Mourning In Hochington series on why I have my books edited. Those two bombed.

Hell, Gambler Volume Two could also bomb. I had Gambler Volume One doing well while on the Google Blogger space. But sadly, my dumbass forgot to update the domain, and the website that got most of my hits went down. Double bummer on me there! Gambler Volume Two will also be on WattPad as well as the first one.

Two things I might do next year is creating an RPG game with RPG Maker VX or reform Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile. I think 2021 will be a little less ‘restrictive’ than 2020, but I don’t see myself attending a concert or going to a Tigers Baseball game that year. For Baseball, it’ll likely be the USPBL and Regulars Baseball Club. With the first mention, am I motivated enough to go on with an RPG game that’ll take about 10 hours to beat? I think I can do some work on it during the first three months of 2021, but when it starts warming up in Michigan, I’m going to ask myself on Sunday morning, “Do I want to stay in the house and work on this stupid game while it’s Sunny and 75 outside?” (Note: In Michigan, it’ll take until Mid-May to get to Sunny and 75). So, for now, I’ll be installing the program and “test the waters.”

With reforming Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile, I still have the Techno EJay disc I bought 20 years ago, but it will not work on Windows 10. I think I can do a work-around with that. I also want to make more songs similar to Gold Taurus’ “Northeast Of Tenebrae” and stuff similar to Steve Roach’s music. I don’t think S.H.I.T.E. will be going full-techno. NCH Software does have a 16-track recording program that could work, plus I need to upgrade my CPU. The CPU I have now, I bought on liquidation at United Shore Headquarters in Troy (the primary financers of the USPBL) for $25. I do have a spare box much bigger and capable of sound recording. This one is just an office CPU that cannot add a soundboard to it. Been a seriously lazy shit to update it, but I think that’s something I’ll do in December. For one thing, I’m interested in PlutoTV and Peacock, but my smart TV does not offer those. I think I’ll throw the HDD on this CPU to that bigger one, then buy a smaller HDD for this CPU and hook it up to my TV. Then I can run PlutoTV and Peacock via the PC.

That was a confusing ending to that previous paragraph. Anywho, expect an Investing article down the road, and I think I’ll add a ‘Coding’ category.

Peace, Love and Fractions,

Robbie Thomas.

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