Short Welcome

Posted: 25 November 2019 by Robbie

This is a short welcome message for my nice little blog here. Today is the 24th of November and this blog was created due to my lack of creativity and also I got to take a good look at the new YouTube policy. After saying my fifth novel will be my last, the only creative thing I was going to do was make my EAS vids on YouTube. And this afternoon, I saw the new writing on the wall where my channel could be deleted because it isn’t so commercially viable. With that being said, the next two EAS vids will probably be my last.

With YouTube, I don’t think it’s a freedom of speech thing, it’s more like a lack of bandwidth deal. It cost YouTube money to keep these videos that don’t make the money on their servers and data centers. So, if these small-time YouTubers (like myself) don’t make the cash for the company, they are going to delete your vids off of their servers. I’m likely on the chopping block.

I like to be creative (been limiting myself on it lately), so I’ll be doing this with the blog. More on the way!

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