I went to a Tiger Game and the DIA

Posted: 12 June 2024 by Robbie

DIA means Detroit Institute of Arts.

I wanted to go to this particular Tiger game for two reasons. One, I wanted to see my 3rd favorite team, The Nationals. Second, it was a Tuesday game so I wouldn’t have everybody and their mothers there. I did notice from my view that there were very few people in the upper deck. My guess is some folks bought upper deck seats and somehow got to the first floor of seats. You can run into ushers who aren’t paying attention or don’t give a crap.

At the end of it all, The Nationals won 5-4 in extra innings. Both teams committed two errors a piece. I’m glad Javy Baez wasn’t a part of this game and they brought in Ryan Krediler. I saw him with the Toledo Mud Hens two years back. The scoreboard had some problems and the fans were informed that there were some technical issues.

This game brought a first, I saw what I would call an Inside-The-Park Grand Slam. Instead, it was considered a four-run triple with an error. Here’s the vid:

I wanted to go to the Detroit Historical Museum, but they weren’t open on Tuesdays. Bummer! So, in 2014, 2019, and this year in 2024, I went to the Detroit Institute of Arts. They added some exhibits I didn’t see in the previous two times I went there. I loved the Egyptian, Medieval, and Asian exhibits, as well as the Middle East ones. They also had this table with a screen showing how wealthy European folks would dine. It was there in 2014 but I missed it in 2019. Can’t find a video of this, so here’s my picture:

I got in the DIA for free due to me living in Macomb County. Wayne County and Oakland County residents also get in there for free. They also started a Black Cinema exhibit, I enjoyed that.

I don’t want to write six long paragraphs about my visit, so here are some photos. Also, expect a post very soon about the OJ Simpson Chase close to 30 years of this posting.

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