I went to a Psychic Fair

Posted: 2 June 2024 by Robbie

Photo from Alina Vilchenko

First things first: I want to say happy birthday to my late grandmother Loreen Thomas. She would’ve been 83 today if she was alive.

In my area, we have the Michigan Psychic Fair (MPF). Most Sundays in Spring and Summer, the folks from the MPF will have an event. I went to a psychic event in the Spring of 2021 when the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic were dying down. I don’t recall if the MPF was hosting this, but I remember the event being at Larsa Palace. The fifth to seventh paragraphs in this blog post talk about that.

I won’t be naming the person in question, I paid $40 for my third-ever tarot card reading. The psychic in question was a senior citizen woman with blond hair. She also had colored her eyebrows silver. I like that. She told me that my job situation would improve within three months, I have seen some reduced work weeks and I had a reliable source at my place of employment who says things should improve by late July. She was a little off on my car situation, she asked me, “You’re looking for a new car, right?” I said, “No, I bought a used car recently.” I did buy a 2020 Ford Fusion a little past my recent birthday and I call it my ‘brand used car.’ She asked me if I liked the car, and I said yes. Perhaps her psychic powers were a little behind on that one.

She had seen that I lost a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend. That was true on the ex-girlfriend part. I had a GF in 2016 and the relationship didn’t last long. But we would get together when times were slow up until 2019. We had a big argument in the fall of 2019 and we stopped talking. She passed away in the late summer of 2020. The psychic sensed that she had a drinking or drug problem, correct on the drinking problem.

One of the items the psychic didn’t ask or mention was my creativity, I thought that was strange. Or perhaps that wasn’t important to her? Or did the powers say I was a failing author and giving me some advice on that subject wouldn’t work? Hopefully, my upcoming sixth book will work. WishesNetwork gained me an audience, but making some $$$ on that didn’t work. She guessed well on me being an investor and guessed right that I had family issues. Smart thinking.

I forgot to ask her about OJ Simpson though…

Unlike the last time I visited the psychic at the large Larsa Palace, this fair was in a small room at a Holiday Inn near me. The room had no air conditioning and could fit about 15 people at a time. I was wearing a hat and while I was getting my reading, I took it off due to sweating. It was colder outside than it was in that goddamn room. I don’t plan on doing another Tarot Card reading for about three years from now. But when I do, I better check if it will be in a large area or room with A/C, or heat if it is during the colder months.

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PS. I have plans on going to a local event every Sunday of June. I’m also going to Traverse City in July. Robbie’s going to places!!

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