Jennifer Crumbley Case

Posted: 15 February 2024 by Robbie

Yes, I’m days late and ten dollars short on this one, but life got in the way of this blog and I also did not feel inspired. For those who are fans of my Wishesnetwork EAS videos. Oxford, MI is in northern Oakland County, west and next door to Macomb County.

Anyway, I did watch quite a lot of the Jennifer Crumbley case and for the most part, it was a carbon copy of the trial when both parents were arrested and tried back in March 2022. There were some parts added and they also got Jennifer’s booty call on the stand, which I thought was silly. Another thing I noticed was how crummy Jennifer looked. Her hair was messy and the clothes she wore didn’t look up to par with what court would require. I couldn’t care less if she wore a t-shirt that said ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ (that would piss the court off, among other things), but that’s between her and the court.

I don’t consider myself an expert, but I have to say that Jennifer’s attorney Shannon Smith was a goofball. There was also a video where while the court is in recess, Shannon is combing her hair while Jennifer probably needed that brush herself. Her closing argument was quite strange for a rookie watching court vids. When watching this trial, I was thinking about the OJ Simpson trial in 1995. That trial had attorneys on both sides acting strange at times, but that trial went on for ages (or about ten months). This trial in question took less than two weeks. And it’s just my opinion that Shannon did a horrible job.

A video I found funny was two hours after the shooting. The two are put in the back of a cop car. The two argue among themselves, getting upset about their situation and Jennifer yells at a guy named Patrick. And while this is going on, Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” is playing. WordPress wouldn’t allow me to embed it here. Sorry!

Jennifer was found guilty, which didn’t surprise me. They say she will get up to 60 years, I’m guessing 15-20 and they will tell her to take a hike. She and her husband emptied their accounts and sold the horses to get the cash to pay for their attorneys. The two of them got well-known attorneys for themselves while their son got the public defender. The two are shitty parents and obviously, Jennifer cared more about keeping her job as opposed to keeping an eye on her son.

The question I have is why didn’t the school search the kid’s bag just before the shooting? I suppose there is a probable cause situation with that one. However, I was in high school when Columbine happened and schools got beyond paranoid after that. There was a situation in which I didn’t do anything, but they called me into the Asst. Principal’s office and they searched my bag. This was in 1999, it’s 2024 now, so things perhaps changed.

One of the things that was amusing to me was the surname of the family, Crumbley. After that shooting and the weeks after that, it was just silly to me about that Crumbley name. All three of their lives were crumbling down (Yes, that’s a bad joke). Besides that, it is an awful situation that could have been prevented. 4 people died with 7 injured, awful awful awful!

I understand why Prosecutor Karen McDonald did what she did. She is probably trying to get a message to parents who don’t act before these incidents happen. Our government doesn’t seem to do shit besides offer thoughts and prayers. So I give Karen M. credit for that.

That’s all for now. Peace, Love & Fractions

Robbie T.

RIP Jeff Lavers, Joy Morton, and William Post

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