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Posted: 13 January 2024 by Robbie

This was intended to be a finance post, but I don’t have much to say about my finances and investing at this time because I won’t be seeking any new stocks for the first six months and will be putting my spare bucks in investments I already have. I also dropped my OPI stock, I done fucked up on that one. Heh-heh! Also, I’m not looking at any new stocks for the first six months because I am buying a car soon. My 2010 Ford Focus is getting bad and since used car prices are going down, I’ll be making a move to buy a used car around my 42nd birthday.

Creative-wise, I’m working on my upcoming novel with the working title, Burn Down The Town. I don’t anticipate that this novel will be out in 2024, more like 2025. With WishesNetwork, I still will continue with the POTUS Adventure Story and have more to add. Once I make all the installments, I’ll likely be putting them all into one. The third part is going to take a while, be patient. I also want to congratulate my friend Tomcat’s World for getting 1.5K subscribers to his channel and giving me some help.

This might piss off my dwindling fanbase but I don’t have any EAS vids planned at this time. If these POTUS Adventure videos don’t do well, I may just say fuck it with making videos. Yes, that will upset a few people out there.

I do have plans for more adventures in 2024, such as concerts and visiting museums. I also want to attend a Single-A baseball game this year as well. Seen the Tigers and the USPBL many times. Saw The Mud Hens once and would like to see the Lansing Lugnutz or that team in Midland, or both. However, these adventures will be talked about in this blog (if I feel like posting about it). Unlike Tomcat, I’m not interested in Vlogging. Nothing against Tomcat and I know Blogs aren’t so fascinating as opposed to Vlogs. It’s just something I’m not interested in.

Besides that, for the first three months of this year, I’ll be focusing on working and getting $$$ for my soon-to-be car purchase. Won’t be blogging much unless I get some extra free time.

Peace, Love and Fractions

Robbie T.

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