Prowlers Vs. Rockers at the PoHo

Posted: 30 December 2023 by Robbie

Hockey game two of three in the three days of hockey! Rockers won the game 5-3 with them trailing a couple of times. The third Rockers goal was due to the Prowlers making a mistake. When the game went to a 4on4 in the second period, I had a funny feeling that the Rockers would score. I got my phone out to try and take a photo when it happened. It did happen, but the Prowlers mascot got in the way. Damn you! (Kidding). Prowler Asst Coach and Player Johnson accidentally hit it in his net, whoops.

Mascot got in my way

There were no fights (or any credited fights) but Wells got into some pushing and shoving with some of the opponents. The Rockers didn’t have Scott Coash since he was on loan to the SPHL. We got Devon Fields. The Rockers played some great defense and did very well in the last few minutes. I’m glad Gonzalez got the W. Was hoping to see Babin play goalie but I had a funny feeling that the coach would throw him at the goal to give Babin a rest for the next game on NYE.

There was an argument with a ref and Lambdin at the 9:49 mark in the 3rd period. I saw the ref angrily point at the bench, next to seeing Lambdin get thrown in the box. There were quite a few Rockers fans including one with a cowbell, hitting it when Rockers goals were scored or when crazy shit happened.

For the Power Play, the Prowlers were 1/10 with the Rockers at 3/6. Boxscore

Here are some other photos:

Before going to the game, I made a stop at Wings Etc. On the way there is the Roche Bar. Sadly, there was an incident there in early November. I was in town in October to see the Rockers play, and went to Wings. I stopped and took a look at the front of Roche Bar and had a bad vibe about it. Was some supernatural force out there trying to tell me something?

While chowing down at Wings Etc, the bartender asked me where I was going after this, I said, “not across the street.” Later to had a convo with a local there who said he had been in a fight at that bar ‘way back when.’ The local is a Marine who had served two tours in Afghanistan and was wounded in combat. I asked if the government was helping him or getting some kind of monthly payment for this service, he said no but he says he’s doing well without it. High hopes.

And also, hopefully, the family of the man who was killed at Roche Bar sees justice for what happened. That’s awful.

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