Motor City Rockers Crazy Game

Posted: 11 November 2023 by Robbie

On 10 Nov 2023, The I-94 rivalry continued when the Port Huron Prowlers went against the Motor City Rockers. If you’re a Rockers fan, it was a fun game. The Rockers took the lead and kept it, they ended the first period with a 3-0 lead. Both teams were getting rough around the 2nd period and it was chaos at the 3rd. The first goal of the game was great, it was one of my personal favorites, Jamie Milan slap-shooting a goal on a power play.

By the middle of the 2nd period, the Rockers made it 4-0 and the Prowlers weren’t too happy about it. At the third with three minutes in, Merit dropped his gloves and went after Brad Reiter. Soon after, another personal favorite Suffredini and Foley got into a fight. If I’m not mistaken, those two were teammates at one time. Suffredini did play for Port Huron before the Rockers got into the FPHL. Things got very interesting after that when Elias Thompson hit the ice. He got into a fight, but they put it down as roughing as opposed to fighting.

Quite a few Prowlers players were in a war of words with the Rockers bench. Quite a few players from Port Huron were thrown out of the game. I only took one photo of that incident, I wanted to see more of the incident with my own eyes as opposed to through a camera.

The Rockers scored two more goals after that, one from birthday boy Johnathon Juliano, who got hit with a stick at the same time when scoring the goal. Sadly, Babin’s shutout got ruined at the 10-second mark. The game ended with a 7-1 victory. Took a while to finish the game. It’s been one of the most exciting and effed-up games I’ve attended. Also, there was a guy wearing a Vipers jersey at the game.

I’ve been to a few Prowlers games before the Rockers made their way to the FPHL, and quite a few players in the Rockers did play for the Prowlers. I find it interesting on how these teams don’t like each other now. I even attended a couple of St. Clair Shores Fighting Saints games. For this game, what’s sad is that the Rockers broadcasting folks had some troubles with this broadcast and the whole game is not available at this time. The video below starts at the second period and most of the action was captured on camera. Besides that, there were many glitches in the broadcast. Bummer! I wanted to make a copy of the game for my own personal use.

Happy birthday to Johnathon Juliano.

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