Return of the Zombies II

Posted: 2 August 2023 by Robbie

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Anybody looking for a Seymour Butts? Jacques Strap? I.P. Freely?

If you are reading this blog post, you’ve likely come across the second portion of Return Of The Zombies. If you have watched it, I hope you enjoyed it. And if not, perhaps this will make you happy. I started the video portion of the project on 15 Jun 2023 and worked it on constantly for about a month and some change, despite work, The Dot Com and other commitments.

This EAS video will be the last of this year. Sorry to my dwindling fan base. But I did run into a serious family crisis just after me visiting Comerica Park on late July. Going to keep details of that crisis out of here but I got to say, it wasn’t a very pleasant situation and it really gummed the works of my silly ass life. Even after the crisis was over. During this crisis, I saw one of my favorite Twitter folks put out pictures of the lovely and talented Mary McDonnell dressed nice in a purple blouse and pin-striped pants. I found myself thinking, “I wish Mary McDonnell would hold me in her arms and tell me it’s going to be okay.”

Besides the crisis, what got me back to this EAS game if one would like to call it that, is that late 2022, I saw reduced hours at my job. It gave me more time to do these 45-60 minute EAS flicks I pump out. Since March 2023, I’m back to mainly 55-hour work weeks. Also, I have other plans and events going on and I need to keep an eye on my investing. I just won’t have all the time in the world this year to write the next script. And to make the slides and news bits on the video maker.

I do have plans for short-term projects like The Dot Com and asking AI to make commercials with Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Marjorie Taylor Greene. I first and third mentions, I was able to clone their voices. However, as of this posting in August 2023 (or it might say July 2023), I’m on a big schedule with work and other commitments. Besides a upcoming blog post about Grunge music, don’t be surprised to not hear from me for a while.

God damn, that’s hot!

Peace, Love and Fucking Fractions!

Robbie T.

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