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Posted: 7 June 2023 by Robbie

Yes, it has been a long while since I’ve done one of these investing articles and now, it is a time.
I wish to start out with my eff ups and what I plan on doing. Let’s start with the eff ups!

Office Properties Income (OPI)

At around 2021, I watched a video from bow tie Nation about high dividends. What a bow ties
vids talked about OPI at its high dividend at the time of 55 cents per share. Without much
research by myself in the thought that people are going to return to the office. Well, people
aren’t going to the office that much since covid-19 came in pretty much left us. And recent times,
this stock has dropped. Overall I spent $300 on this stock and as of this writing, it’s down to 78
bucks. Also, compare that number to STWD (Starwood Property Trust) at 98%, ABR (Arbor Realty) and 99% and O (Realty Income Corp) also at 99%. Plus I’ve been seeing Wall Street journals articles about major Office Buildings having trouble lately with occupancy. Unless data centers begin to fill these buildings, we don’t have much of a chance here.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

Brought about 289 worth of the stock starting in 2018. As of this blog posting, it is worth $17.
Here’s a video:


I started buying this ETF in 2018 as well. To make a long story short, when vitamin won the
2020 election, this ETF blew up. I trimmed a few shares but at that time, I wish I sold the whole
thing at at that time. I have about $700 it is ETF, it’s now worth $190. I snooze, I lose. I’m waiting on
this ETF to make games for six straight weeks before I start buying again.

Intel (INTC)

If I did NVidia, I’d be in better spirits. I bought Intel starting in 2019 due to the financial not
looking too bad and with the thought that things will improve. And tell it’s still in the process of
making a large Factory in Columbus, Ohio. However in January 2023, the shit hit the fan with a big
stock drop. It was at $50 in April 2022, now it’s nearly $30 as of this blog posting. And it dropped
its dividend
. Both Learn To Invest and Everything Money have talked about Intel, with Jimmy from Learn To Invest having stock in Intel.

Warner Bros. / Discovery

This stock has dropped over 50% since I’ve got it. This is very discouraging! Stash Capital gave
me 52 cents of this for free. Is now worth 24 cents. It’s very devastating! How could this be? I can’t move on… heh-heh.

For me:

Looking Into The Future

Also, the title of Journey’s second album, before Steve Perry showed up, I’m changing directions in my investing. With Tom Leykis’ new podcast about money, I think it’s wise to head to a different direction. Prior to his podcasts, I have seriously thought about changing ways. One of the items I’ve invested in is metals. I about 18 shares of the GTLR ETF. I wish I sold it in February but I thought it would go up further, boy, was I wrong! I’m thinking of dropping that down the road, probably this month after seeing what kind of dividend I would get.

I’m going to lower my percentage in metals or companies that produce gold. It doesn’t seem to be consistent, especially Newmont. I wish I dropped that early last year. It went up quite a lot and I trimmed a few shares. I wish I sold in completely but the stock pays a good dividend at 40 cents per share.

I’m going to be buying more TFLO and FLOT, those two ETF’s are paying over 5% as of this blog posting, and those pay monthly. I’m adding a lot more to FMHI, a municipal bond fund as well, that also pays monthly but not as strong as the previous two mentions, FHMI is at 3.9%, but that is good. I also have money in my Marcus Savings Account with the yield at this time at 4.15%. There’s $8000 in that and I earned nearly $26 in interest at the end of last month. I saw an article on the WSJ about how it takes a while for transfers from Marcus out to a different account. I might need that money next year (or this year) because I’m likely buying a used car soon. My 2010 Ford Focus doesn’t have much life left.

I’ll also be buying STWD (Starwood Property Trust) and ABR (Arbor Realty Trust) with the dividends I get on my Stash account. The prices of these stocks pay a good dividend, they have high occupancy rates and the stock prices are low for these. I’m still going to add to VZ (Verizon) but at a slow pace, same with GOLD (Barrick Gold). I’ll likely be adding to O (Realty Income Corp) to my portfolio as well. I also like to add SPHD and SCHD too. I really like SPHD a lot!

WARNING: Do not take this advice and put all your eggs in the basket on a single stock or fund that I mentioned. When it comes to investing, I’m Single-A ball or FPHL at best (short season A-ball or low level A hockey). Please do your research and due diligence. I don’t want an e-mail with: “Hey asswipe! I put all my money in a stock you mentioned in a blog, and the CEO got caught naked with a 7-year-old boy in Thailand.”

RIP Karen Lavers (15 Feb 1940 – 4 Jun 2023)

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