Eddie Trunk visits the Diesel w/Sunset Blvd.

Posted: 17 May 2023 by Robbie

On 13 May 2023, the folks at the Diesel in Chesterfield got to see Eddie Trunk. Prior to it, the band Prowler (Old Metallica tribute) opened with Sunset Blvd. closing the show. This is the 677th time seeing Sunset Blvd. Prowler did an amazing job and I saw them just about one year earlier. This time around, I did not get some VIP seat with an guaranteed picture of me and Eddie Trunk.

The drummer of Sunset Blvd. also played drums for Prowler as well on this day. He did double duty. Also, Sunset Blvd. did No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne. Introing that song, the band jokingly said that they were about to do a New Kids On The Block song. That shit was hilarious. Going to Eddie Trunk, he went on stage and told quite a few stories. I suppose him and Paul Stanley don’t get along. He answered a few questions and did Stump The Trunk. I like Eddie Trunk and used to watch That Metal Show. I’m a bigger fan of one of his co-hosts, Jim Florentine. I hope to see his stand-up soon.

Sadly, due to some interesting circumstances, myself and the three people I was with left during the second half of the Sunset Blvd. set. More interesting things happened after we left, but let’s just say if I elaborated on what happened on this blog, I’ll be receiving a phone call or two. I don’t want those phone calls.

For those who are interested in my EAS flicks, I’m trying to get the next one out before the month of June arrives. I’m dealing with a sticky situation at this time. Sorry for the small blog post.

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