Retarded Birthday Boy

Posted: 1 April 2023 by Robbie

Enuff Z’Nuff had made it to the Diesel on my 41st birthday. Got myself a table for that gig and went to that with one of my best pals Allan Hollywood and my new friend Chris, also known as Armor All. I don’t want to write a 10-paragraph essay about my birthday. So here are some pictures.

One of the things I noticed is that the owner of the Diesel and Motor Café (in the same building) was also playing server at the Café. I did see some signs saying they needed help and the place appeared to be understaffed. Also, in the previous two Enuff Z’Nuff gigs, I ran into these two woman from Dayton, Ohio named Cherie and Red. They weren’t at this gig (or perhaps they were avoiding me).

I’ll shut the fuck up now, here are the pics (note, the first two pics are from the opening band Hair Domination, they were good):

And here’s the best one, Hollywood Al was drunk as hell while taking this pic:

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