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Posted: 19 August 2020 by Robbie

I started this blog in November 2019 for three things, one, I wanted to share my fun little experiences I have not only on Facebook for only my 269 friends to see, but also here on this website. Second, I thought it would be fun to do something creative after I put an end of the WishesNetwork EAS vids. Third, I wanted to get some more WordPress / Web Development experience. Looks like I failed on two of them, the first mention, well, this historic Covid-19 scare has prevented me to go to concerts and other outdoor experiences.

WishesNetwork Info

Going on to the second mention, some news at my end, I’m currently laid-off due to a Covid-19 scare on my job. Me and quite a few folks were told to go screw and wait for a call on Friday. With that being said, I got 25 minutes of my next EAS video done. My best guess it will be 45 minutes to an hour. For those WishesNetwork fans, it does have Rod Cambridge with the WRQ crew navigating a bad event and all the fun you all want. Sadly, this will be the last EAS in 2020 with Macomb County TV and WRQ. My next EAS plan is a Hurricane going into Florida which will be more EAS and less News/Radio. This free time I’m enjoying now, it won’t last long. I willing to bet I’ll see another Covid-19 scare at work again. When working 12 hours a day in a shop happens, you don’t want to make anymore ‘advanced’ EAS vids. Besides me calling it quits last year to the YouTube new rules, it was also due to long work hours. These EAS vids are a pain in the ass to make.

The Third Mention

I returned to school (online) via LinkedIn on March the 3rd this year. I mentioned this on a previous blog entry that I knew what was going on in Italy in Feburary was going to come to the United States. I was thinking after my birthday (March 31) but it came by earlier than expected. I also guessed that my so-called professional career will take a hit or I might have to switch careers. The former did happen. When I got to constant 60+ hours a week for 4 weeks straight, I decided to duck out. It sucks because I wanted to continue, but that would cause great anxiety. Plus, with my fucking learning disability, I need to focus and watch the videos for a second and third time to get the skills to work for me. I’m an ex-Special Ed student.

Going to update next.

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