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Posted: 28 November 2022 by Robbie

If you are reading this post, it’s likely you showed up here seeing a new EAS/News video from me. This is not going to be a one-off, I have plans to make more. In fact, I’m writing the script for my second one. But most of my writing is done at work, please don’t tell the higher-ups in case you folks know where I work. A few of you do. Is my big comeback going to be a big thing? I’m guessing not so much. When I pulled the plug on 7 Jan 2021 (the day after the US Capitol Riot), there were a few pissed-off fans of my work. And that was the second time I quit making the EAS videos. I think there are some people out there that might not like me so much. That’s understandable. I don’t think I would like myself so much, either.

So, what was I doing from that day until now? I was making tunes with Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile. Sorry for any Apple/iPhone people about the said site, the media queries don’t work for Safari, I have to fix that. I was looking at a possible return early this year (2022), but things just got in the way, again, no good excuse. Besides Super Human Intel, I just did my blog at and that was that. For 2021, I just wanted to go out and about and go to concerts, comedy shows, and festivals. I didn’t really enjoy the comforts of Whitmer’s strict lockdowns in 2020 and I was ready to get the hell out and about.

2022 was a different story, the stock market was shitty and eventually, it lead to reduced work and unexpected layoffs. I’m a money saver and I learned my lessons in 2007-08, so I never got down to zero this year. But it was very discouraging when the stock market shits a brick and you’re laid off for a week. For most of 2022, it was the Techno Tunes and my blog. Besides that, I played the Nintendo Switch quite a lot. A little too much Rocket League, Diablo III, and some of the classics in the late 80s – mid 90s.

I’ll go back to that but for WishesNetwork, I’ll state the obvious. Yes, I have returned and I’m looking to stay put. Like I said earlier, I even have a second EAS scenario in the works. Also, not all of my future EAS flicks will have Macomb County, Michigan involved. In fact, my next EAS scenario will be based in the Western United States. Mr. Cambridge will be a part of it but I don’t plan on using Macomb County TV for this one. Sorry for any fans who just love Macomb County TV, but I feel it’s time to expand the horizons a little. Besides, my planned DC Riots, I wasn’t going to have Macomb County TV involved at all.

I also want to use more video coverage and more “CNN-Like” broadcasts. I’m not a fan of CNN, not due to political reasons really, I just despise these 24-hour “news” networks. And I don’t like Fox News or OANN either. OANN is a big reason why I don’t invest in AT&T anymore, they were highly involved with funding that. I would like to drop their internet service as well, but for my area, I have no other options. Their fiber internet service is a lot more reliable as opposed to the competition they have here in my area. Plus, more Howard Stern pranks, Fook Yue Chinese, and a whole lot more jokes along the way. Don’t make fun of the Macomb County Spy if he farts.

2022 is also one of the worst years of my life. Not the worse, but I’d say it’s top 5. The second half of 2007 to November 2008 would have to be the worst time of my life. Also, 2003 sucked, but I take most of the responsibility for that one, a few of those were my own bad decisions. And 1998 when I was 16, was an awful year. 2022 was really awful due to the many deaths I had encountered. I lost an uncle, a grandparent, a couple of friends and also quite a few folks in my so-called professional life. Even a suicide. I did receive a couple of phone calls at strange times telling me of the bad news. Plus, logging on to Facebook and seeing the news of your friend dying in a motorcycle accident. Ugh…

The EAS movie you are watching, watched or about or watch, I started writing the script for it in late 2021. In early 2022, I got busy with other things and I threw the script off to the side. It wasn’t until late September of this year, I got back to it and just continued on. I had all those slides and movie files stored in a separate hard drive, so it wasn’t so difficult to put two and two together. One of the difficult parts was trying to find the text used for the topbar in Macomb County TV, I would later discover it as Berlin Sans. I forgot the exact font for the ticker below so I did my best for it to match the font I previously had. Perhaps it’s the same thing and I’m not reading it right, who knows?

I’m not using the same product for my Movie Maker, the last time around was NCH Movie Pad. I still use NCH stuff, but not their Movie Pad software anymore. This time, it’s Movavi Movie Maker 22. It will be the first and last time I use the 22 version as I have a free upgrade to 23. Movavi Movie Maker 22 was a pain in the ass to use in some quarters, even though I paid for it. Every week, it would ask me to reinput my license key. And when I would go to my file for the scenario, the sound would not play.

I would later figure out that upon startup, just put a random sound file on the new empty project it presents to you and play that sound. Next, go to the file you wish to work with (and don’t save the previous project). With that, the sound would work. If you get Movavi Movie Maker 23 and you encounter that problem, try what I did and it might work. But also complain to the people making the software.

As you have noticed, the video was uploaded (or should be) on 28 November 2022, the Monday after Thanksgiving. Yes, understandably, that’s not one of the sexiest days in the world to make some kind of impact or comeback. Why not Turkey Day or perhaps that weekend? Well, on 28 November 2007, I had the lovely experience of having a gun pointed at my head for the second time in my life. Plus, a friend of mine died on 28 November 2011. I would later find that out a few days later on the old Facebook for that one. I generally try to celebrate the 28th of November and so, let’s have it as my return.

This makes me sound like a bitter asswipe, but I got to say this. Two or three months after that 2007 gun-to-my-head incident, I went to a family event with an aunt who is wealthy and had a few friends due to that wealth. I was smoking a cigarette and one of those female friends saw me smoke and seen this as the most shocking thing in the world. She was very upset and threw a fit. At that time, I had a few family members exhibiting in cocaine and crack and had mentioned that. Sadly, it fell on deaf ears and me smoking a cigarette was very offensive to this woman.

Jesus H. Christ, it must be nice that the worse thing that could happen to you is seeing an adult retard (I guess that being me, I was 25 turning 26 at the time) smoking a cigarette. This woman was not the first. I do recall going to a wedding a few years before where I was drinking and one of the family friends was horrified by my drinking (although I was 23 at the time). I would later figure out her youngest son was a total cokehead and even thrown in jail for that.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe that retard is drinking whiskey and smoking. Boo hoo hoo!”

“Um, honey, our youngest son blew a drug dealer to get his crack fix.”

That’s all for now, thanks to anybody reading this until the end. Enjoy the Extreme Heat EAS and yes, it’s strange I’m uploading this when winter is around the corner for some of us. Take a look at Buffalo, holy fuckaroni!

I forgot to renew and couldn’t get it back, so it’s It will be the Wikipedia for the WishesNetwork universe. I’ll be updating it here and there, sorry if it’s not so functional at this time. I’m working on that!

Peace, Love & Fractions

Robbie Thomas

RIP Irene Cara

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