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Posted: 21 February 2020 by Robbie

Since being creative isn’t my obsessive top priority anymore, I have been looking for ways to pass the time by. Yes, I do plan on writing more novels and I need to get The Gambler Volume One possibly on BookBub. For those of you who don’t know, I briefly had a site called were two of my novels were here on the web. Sadly, it wasn’t getting the views and it cost me $10/month to keep it on. Plus, according to my research, online novels don’t work well when done independently. That, or I’m doing it all wrong. The sad part is, doing research on BookBub and getting my novel online, I’ve been very lazy in that category. I need to get the motivation for that, as opposed to sitting on my ass and eating. No wonder why I got big man tits! Heh-heh…

On the 7th of February, I joined MistPlay and have been using it every day since. Mistplay is an app that gives you it’s own currency (in gems) while playing the games it has to offer. Some games give you 2x, 3x or 4x more credits. So far, I’ve earned about 1800 credits, which give a $5 gift card to Amazon or Starbucks. Once I get to 3000 credits, I can get a $10 Nintendo Card. Yes, Mistplay can’t make you rich and you’ll be playing games (or letting it autoplay) for a while to earn some gems. Right now, I got Pop Slots going on auto while I type this. Another thing about MistPlay is that it will make your tablet or phone a little warm while running, so give it a break from time to time. I’m probably going to destroy both of those while doing this.

Spring Training is coming soon! I can’t wait! I’ll definitely be getting MLB.TV this season and watch a little more baseball. It’s likey my Tigers are going to suck ass this year, but I’m just glad Baseball is coming back. Here in Michigan, we’ve been lucky for the winter. It has been warmer than usual. This week though, it has been quite cold. I kinda miss getting drunk on my patio on warm Sundays.

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