End of Q3 2022 Finance Talk

Posted: 22 September 2022 by Robbie

Yes everybody, the US economy is shitting the bed. My portfolio has dropped by 23% and perhaps we have reached the bottom? I hope the guy below is correct:

In recent times, I have sold a few of my stocks in IRM. I also dropped ICLN while it was at 22.88. I started buying ICLN at an average of $10.07. It topped up to $31 in February 2021. I was waiting on it to go to $35 for me to sell it all together, but it never go there. I sold half of it when it was $25 and got rid of the rest last Monday 12 Sep 2022. Good thing I did because as of 22 Sep 2022, it’s down to $20.70. Reason being? Got laid off twice, a week each. One was expected while the second one was unexpected.

A stock I spoke highly of last year, Intel (INTC) is surely going down the tubes. Also, Verizon (VZ) as well. From now until the end of the year, my buying in Tech will be minimum. I’ll likely add to VWELX next month and in November as well. Eventually, Big Tech will get its shit together such as AT&T (T) and Verizon. Intel, I have a funny feeling they will take a while to get it together. But if they add more to their dividend, I might just buy sooner than later (might not be a good idea).

I did write an article about Stagflation last year and I was betting on that happening this year. But my thought was the start of the decline would happen after my birthday at the least or in the summer at the latest. Boy, was I wrong! It practically started in January. One of the notable declines was from 9-13 June 2022. I lost over $3000 that week alone. Fuuuuuuuuck me!

Again, I’m not a fan of both Trump and our current president Biden. I knew Biden would push for printing more money and he would try to do student debt forgiveness (he did). I knew these things would fuck with the economy. But as I said, it came by earlier than I expected, and surely wished I sold a little more than I have in recent times. One thing I notice is that with the interest rates increasing, my Marcus savings account rate is now at 1.9%. Of course, Goldman Sachs (they run Marcus) will not give us account holders every single penny of interest, but they are competing with other banks with high APYs. I’ll be adding to that down the road.

The stocks I’m buying now until the end of the year are, STWD, ABR, SPHD, VYMI, VWO, VWELX, VDIGX, NIO, RUN and BTI. The ones that are stocks are STWD, ABR, NIO, RUN, and BTI with three of them paying good dividends and are listed as buys. I also like SPHD due to it paying a dividend each month. VWELX and VDIGX are mutual funds that will pay a dividend in December, I hope it also pays LT & ST gains as well. VYMI and VWO are high-paying dividend ETF’s that have dropped some percentage points, I’m buying the dip on those.

I’ll end it here for now. Got lot’s more to say but I’ll say it later.

WARNING: Do not take this advice and put all your eggs in the basket on a single stock or fund that I mentioned. When it comes to investing, I’m Single-A ball at best (short season A-ball). Please do your research and due diligence. I don’t want an e-mail with: “Hey fuckface! I put all my money in a stock you mentioned in a blog, and the CEO got caught naked with a 7-year-old boy in Thailand.”

I’m not an adviser!

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