Start of 2023 Financial Talk

Posted: 17 January 2023 by Robbie

2022 was a shit year financially and also a rough one for most investors, including me. Last year, there were a few times where the my portfolio and my overall “profit” for this year went down 3 or 4 grand in two weeks. I do my finances every two weeks (I missed a week last […]

Sunset Blvd at Motor Cafe

Posted: 8 January 2023 by Robbie

First show for 2023 and it didn’t disappoint, sans the long wait. I’m not going to write seven long paragraphs about this very night. So, to sum it all up, I ran into a “George Michael,” “Bob Seger,” “Tom Cruise,” “Mark Slaughter,” and also Flavor Flav showed up to this gig and did a song. […]

The Songs I Discovered in 2022 (Pt. III)

Posted: 6 January 2023 by Robbie

It’s the last part, I promise. Leo Lauretti & Blue Harvest feat. Stephanie Collings – Take Me Away (2019-20) Don’t have the exact year yet. This song comes in many version including a near six-minute version. But I prefer one of the four-minute versions instead. I do enjoy the sounds this Progressive Trance track has […]