Russia/Ukraine Situation

Posted: 25 February 2022 by Robbie

I suppose you don’t need a smartass blogger like myself to tell you that we are dealing with a historic moment. As of 25 Feb 2022, we are seeing Russia invade Ukraine. There were quite a few things I didn’t know and seeing Russia run with the invasion was surprising to me. However, I suppose […]

Jenna Ryan is Out

Posted: 22 February 2022 by Robbie

Yes, there are so much troubling things going on in this country like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Climate Change, rising home prices (trust me, I don’t like that either) and more things you can think of. However, seeing that Jenna Ryan is out of prison and going bat shit crazy on the Twitter machine […]

Tin Foil Hat Thought

Posted: 6 February 2022 by Robbie

Long time, no see? Been quite busy with work and also a few not-so-good things happened to me. I got drained in the creative category and updating this blog or doing electronica music wasn’t a priority. Apologies for the very few fans of this blog, but no one is paying for it but me. A […]