News, Weather and Entertainment part 9.5

Posted: 29 August 2021 by Robbie

Here’s another where I’m at blog post. Creative I’m almost done with a new Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile (aka Shite) track called Saturnalia. I recently got a weekend off and my Saturday plans went to crap, so I spent much of this hot day working on this track. You should see it on our […]

Astronomicon 4

Posted: 26 August 2021 by Robbie

With Covid-19 causing us some serious changes and troubles with our very lives, we had Astronomicon moved to August. Sadly, it wasn’t in Sterling Heights as the previous one was at. This time, I had to travel over an hour to Ann Arbor to get there. This is mainly due to the previous hotel in […]

Dealing With Death

Posted: 21 August 2021 by Robbie

I had sadly lost a cousin Wednesday. It was due to a drug overdose as I’ve been told. This is the fifth person I know who had died due to drugs in the past four years. Perhaps it’s not the best thing to say, but it’s awfully hard to live in today’s world. A good […]

Going to the Tiger Game

Posted: 15 August 2021 by Robbie

This will be a short post. I haven’t been to a Tigers game so far in 2021, despite my two weeks off in July. I had some intentions to go to the Tigers game where they beat the Rangers 14-0, however, I ran into a crisis prior to me buying my ticket online. This was […]

Strange Dreams

Posted: 1 August 2021 by Robbie

Not exactly where to categorize this, so I’ll be putting it under ‘Life.’ This is where I talk about three dreams I had that might be interesting to most folks. Two of them this year (2021). 1 – We Built This City Parody (2021) I dreamed that I was at work at the assembly line. […]