News, Weather and Entertainment II

Posted: 19 August 2020 by Robbie

I started this blog in November 2019 for three things, one, I wanted to share my fun little experiences I have not only on Facebook for only my 269 friends to see, but also here on this website. Second, I thought it would be fun to do something creative after I put an end of […]

The Mourning In Hochington series

Posted: 15 August 2020 by Robbie

For starters, I want to express my sympathies to the folks in Beruit. That explosion was quite horrifying. My grandfather was from Lebanon, and I’m 25% Lebanese; the explosion there isn’t a good thing, especially with the city’s poor economic conditions, plus their troubles with Covid-19. I attempted to donate to the Lebanese Red Cross, […]

Almost made a seriously bad decision in 2019.

Posted: 3 August 2020 by Robbie

One of the things I’ve often heard in my life is, “we have a problem here.” This often occurs when I get something good, or I think I’m advancing a few steps in life; something has to go wrong. At my primary job, I got promoted to Jr. Process Tech, where I would handle these […]