Burnout Time & Watching the Country Collapse

Posted: 23 July 2020 by Robbie

Quite burned-out these days. Been trying to do some quick studying here and there with Web Development. Been also working little by little with the next WishesNetwork EAS Scenario. Been saying no to overtime at my primary job in the last four days. Thinking today (Thursday), I just might stay over and do 12-hours, same for tomorrow and Saturday as well. My best guess is that they will be needing me for Sunday for four hours to help the midnight shift and I think I might say yes. Get some cash while I watch this country go to hell with this Covid-19 shit! Want to make a few donations and invest in Pfizer, Gold, and some more AT&T while the 52-week pointer is at the left.

Notice the new theme? The old them was my Detroit them and it’s not working very well with the updates with WordPress. I like this Silver Quantum theme (not made by me). Will keep it on there and when I have some time and have the will to do so, I’ll fix (or try to fix Detroit) down the road.

The shit in Portland is quite depressing to see. Federal officers with no badges just taking protesters away in rental cars. So much news to keep up with, so many bad times. I remember on Memorial Day, I posted on Facebook kinda a cryptic message:

This is not normal.

We are going down for a while. #BuckleUp.

Little did I know that just a few hours later, what I said lead up to the civil unrest in this country as we speak. Wowser!

The ADHD Battle In Recent Times

Posted: 5 July 2020 by Robbie

First of all, I want to start out with site news, for those who are visiting this site, it is a little buggy. I need to take care of some of the bugs in this site and being away from WordPress Development for a while, it’s going to be a challenge. I’m going to attempt to fix the bugs this week when I have the time and when I’m not so tired. With this Covid-19 issue, I find myself at my primary job 12 hours a day, so that will be a bitch to deal with. But if I want to get some kind of tech job soon, I need to run into these problems.


When this Covid-19 scare began to sweep Italy, I knew it was a matter of time when it would come here to the states. I was out of work at my primary job and when I came back, i was a Process Tech for a week, then later demoted back to operations, or otherwise a grunt. Since I’ve been back, I’ve seen myself at my primary job at 12 hours a week. This week (29 June 2020 – 3 July 2020), I had to fight a little to work 8 hours a day / 4 days this week so I can take some time away from being at a hot factory. I have been agreeable to the 12-hour days due to me just trying to squeeze the sponge out. I have a funny feeling the economy will take another crap very soon, so I’m going on the idea of doing brutal manual labor until the hours run dry or I get burned out (likely the latter).

With ADHD and doing brutal manual labor, I found my strange ass brain going in circles for the most part. I was also promoted to Process Tech, but my ADHD would kick in and I would fail at fixings the machinery and had to call for help from the Maintenance folks. There were a few times that they got a little upset at me for calling for help a little too much, and I don’t blame them. So, for manual labor, I could do the job but the repetitive nature caused my brain to spin. With me being a sub-par Process Tech, along with the few folks I pissed off, I joined them at being mad at me. I would go home and say to myself, “what the fuck did I get myself into?”

Around January, I was feeling a little more confident and saw less of me going on the radio and begging for help (Augh, fuckin’ Robbie again). I successfully fixed more problems and also accomplished some robotic troubles. Then at early March, I saw what was going on in Italy and I knew it was coming here. I got the note that I was being demoted once I came back (actually promoted to Tech again in May, but for one week).

Yes, with ADHD and I guess being a ex-special Ed student, one would like to say I take on too much for myself. However, I have to say, the world or Corporate America goes too fast and I try to keep up. Sadly, it’s a pain in the ass at times, and also for most people.

From Andrea Piacquadio

Since we have passed the first half of 2020, I find myself thinking about the near future. I know we will be wearing masks for a long time! Shit, possibly into late 2021. We still don’t have a vaccine yet. With that being said, I find my ruminating mind just going on a tangent of predicting the next 18 months or so. Like to shut it off, but it’s impossible to stop thinking. I do have some desire to leave the world of manual labor to something like Web Development of Database Development, or perhaps a Shipping Clerk. I did a test on Microsoft Excel for a job, and sadly, I failed. I have a couple of Microsoft Excel certifications, but when it comes to the tests, I suck. This isn’t the first test I failed when applying for a tech job. That something I’m not so good at is with these tests.

Am I complaining about it being unfair? No. Perhaps I need to get some study guides together and read those while I have some easy time while on my primary job and while I’m at home. But it’s a pain in the ass while working 60+ hours a week. It’s going to take a while for me to get a passing grade.

Troubling Times!