Some Financial Insights and Personal Opinion

Posted: 27 September 2020 by Robbie

Life is still the same for me, working 60+ hours a week according to my data measures from the last 4 weeks. When it’s at 55 or more, I don’t tend to work on my creative projects and a little less on any data projects sans my finances. With finances, I sold my small share of Wendy’s and Stash Capital took a chunk out of that little profit. Stash Capital does push it’s “Buy And Hold” deal. So, with that being said, I made a few mistakes. I’m concentrating on adding more to my high dividend stocks that are $25-60 per share. These are AT&T (T), Iron Mountain (IRM), Dow Inc (DOW), Pfizer (PFE), Cisco (CSCO), Intel (INTL), Moderate Mix (iShares Core Moderate Allocation ETF / AOM) and a little of Corporate Cannabis (MJ). I also been trying at add more to Gold with the GTLR Stock, trying to get that at 8 to 10 percent. Plus, I want to add more to the science based items such as Dow and Pfizer.

With this upcoming election and how I believe we won’t get the final result on Nov 4th (here in the United States), and in addition to all the silly things going on in this country, the market more than likely react in a negative way. The market, like me and some people out there, doesn’t like uncertainty. So, with that being said, I think Gold would be good. Plus, it’s possible to buy some of my shares at a lesser price. Since my previous sales at Stash including my last one, I suppose it’ll be best to buy and hold. All of the stocks above have a 2% or more dividend yield, with AT&T going up to 7%.

I want to have some good dividends when I get to my 50s, just in case I never get out of the auto industry. I see quite a few folks in there 50s doing this brutal manual labor that I do or some easier work, and these people are god damn miserable. Granted, some things might have happened to their lives, yes. But, a few people out there with foul looks of shit on their faces have went home and saw the ugly significant other in bed with someone a lot better looking, and they bring that to work. Last week, I was accused of a ‘serious crime’ at my job that I didn’t do. The serious crime was a part getting stuck in the assembly line that another employee did. However, I got the blame with being yelled at.

At my job, quite a few folks in the day shift (6a-2p) are quite pissy. Again, not everyone, but there are a few folks that ain’t happy. I asked an other employee if that person in question was from first shift or ‘our’ shift, she was from ‘our’ shift. The person in question appeared to be in her forties. Hopefully by the time I get to 50, I’m not looking at living off of my dividends so I don’t have to work (that would be nice), but that extra passive income would be great to have backing you up and adding more to the stocks that pay the good dividends and interest. Agreeably, going back to angry people at work, yes, people are angry. We are living in a serious strange time in our lives and people are upset. Myself included.

WARNING: Do not take this advice and put your eggs in the basket on a single stock that I mentioned. Please do your research and due diligence. I don’t want an e-mail with “Hey shithead, I invested in a stock you mentioned in a blog and the CEO got caught naked with a 7-year-old boy in Thailand.”

I’m not an adviser!

Investing into 2020

Posted: 19 January 2020 by Robbie

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Note: this following blog posting is about investing in the stock market and ETFs. If you plan on investing in what I say here, it’s at your own risk.

One of the items I will be talking about in this great blog here is investing in the stock market. I started investing on 28th November 2017. That was the 10-year anniversary when I had a lovely experience of having a gun pointed at my head and the six-year anniversary of losing my fellow writer friend Justin Dwayne Foxworth. I started with Stash Capital and been on there since this blog posting. I begin investing in ETF’s at first due to the fact that Stash didn’t have much to offer in individual stocks. I started with investing in technology mainly and later got into bonds.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2019 when I took a chance on individual stocks. After reading quite a lot about AT&T and stash later had it available. AT&T at this time of this blog posting pays a $0.52 dividend per share. From August until now, each month, I buy 1-2 shares of AT&T.

The year 2020 has started out pretty well for my portfolio. Another item worthy of mention is marijuana. Once the MJ fund became available on Stash, I bought a few shares at around $30. It got a bit hairy In late September when the marijuana sector along with Aurora cannabis went down big time. Since the time of this blog posting, the MJ fund went from around $16 to $18.50 as of 16 January 2020. I’m looking into the Cronos Group as a possible buy due to the fact that the cost per share is still under ten bucks. But I like to do some research on them first and look at their quarterly reports. For help with my future decisions is taking a look at this chart here. Also, Departures Capital is also helpful as a good chunk of the videos talks about the MJ business.

A mutual fund I’ve got a few dollars with is VGT or Vanguard Information Technology Fund (referred to American Innovators in Stash). When I started investing with Stash, American Innovators was one of the mutual funds I selected. I would put $5-10 a month on 1st in late 2017 to the end of 2018. It wasn’t until early 2018 is when I would put $20-40 in it at a time. Another lowly fund I was investing in was CIBR (referred to Data Defenders in Stash). From November 2017 to early 2020, the fund went up 19% with 321 invested and paid $383, a $62 profit. I sold it and threw some of it into VGT. The CIBR fund had a very low dividend rate and the expense rate was nearly three times higher than the dividend rate. And speaking of funds similar to Data Defenders, I also invested in ROBO (Robots Rising) and SKYY (Cloud Nine), both are similar to Data Defenders with the low dividend payout, but SKYY has a bigger dividend payout. I’m going to keep these two around and my plan is to put more into ROBO until I see a go past 10%.

As of writing this article on 16th January 2020, I see that some of my stocks and funds are at 15% or higher and my portfolio is at 9%. My plan is to invest more with AT&T, Cisco, Wendy’s and I’m looking at add more to the VCIT (Big Business Bonds: Medium-Sized on Stash). VCIT and a couple of other bonds pay each month. Plus also, I want to do some defensive investing for this year.

On 24th December 2018, the stock market took a serious crap. My portfolio went to negative 10% so, this good streak with the stock market while it’s going, can go down. I’m expecting that soon.