The One Year Anniversary

Posted: 24 November 2020 by Robbie

Yello and today is the one year anniversary of this blog. I intended to have a blog to keep my time away from social media down. I know 2020 would bring some pissy folks screaming and moaning about politics. Also, I wanted to have a presence with my own deal opposed to Facebook or Twitter. I also wanted to show folks some pictures and tell about the events and concerts I was going to.

Sadly, Covid-19 came to town and now this blog has more been about my personal life and some memories about my creativity. I did have plans for 2020, going to see Jim Norton for the 4th time, also seeing Kraftwerk this summer. A couple of Detroit Tigers games and also a couple of games Jimmy John’s Arena in Utica to see the Eastside Diamond Hoppers. Going to the Ren Fest and also Arts, Beats and Eats. Covid-19 totally gummed up the works.

Don’t get it wrong, Covid-19 is real, we need to be careful. However, for me, I get cabin fever like a motherfucker. Yesterday, I took the day off of work to deal with a dental issue. Getting back home, I was playing Diablo III, Super Mega Baseball III and Mutant League Football on my Switch. I’m beginning to get sick of video games. I think I’ll give being creative a try, but also, I want to spend less time watching TV or playing video games. Problem is, here in Michigan, we are somewhat back to the lockdown we had in March/April. We cannot do indoor dining but we can dine outdoors. I see their point with this deal, being indoors causes more risk for getting Covid-19, but now announcing we can dine outdoors while it begins to get cold in Michigan? It’s goofy.

Anyways, happy first anniversary to this blog here. I have an investing article coming up for the 4 or 5 people who take a look at this blog. Stay tuned!

The Michigan Kidnapping Plot

Posted: 11 October 2020 by Robbie

First of all, I wanted to say RIP Eddie Van Halen. I’m a fan of Van Halen and I like the songs, Jump, Poundcake, I’ll Wait, Right Now and Me Wise Magic. We may never see someone like Eddie Van Halen ever again, that’s bad. RIP Eddie 1955-2020.

I’m fully aware of the attempted kidnapping situation that was thwarted by the FBI. Some folks from the west part of my state were working on a kidnapping plan set on or before November 3rd to capture Governor Whitmer. They were setting up surveillance by her house and they also had intentions to blow up a bridge. During this whole planning situation, the FBI did send two criminal informants to play undercover and reported back to the FBI. These thirteen folks planned on grabbing Whitmer on November 3rd and take her to Wisconsin to face ‘trial.’ What the trail was going to end with? I’d guess they were probably interested in killing her. They also had interest in getting about 200 people to storm the capital, but I suppose it they thought that wasn’t possible with what little support they had.

Here is the FBI report on this, direct link.

I heard of the news at 12:55p on Thursday where I was lead to an article letting me know about the Michigan Attorney General’s speech. I listened along while on my way to my slave duty on the assembly line via WWJ. Then Whitmer made her speech at around 3pm. On that same day later, I was looking for some fresh podcasts talking about the Whitmer situation. I found CNN’s Anderson Cooper as the top one and so I listened. I had to fast forward to the 20-minute mark. I do think Trump is not doing a good job with Covid-19, even when he got the god damn disease himself. However, I don’t need the CNN propaganda machine telling me that. Anderson Cooper did interview Dana Nessel and asked some good questions, but half of his questions were about Trump. Yes, CNN, Trump is the devil, but fucking stop already! (They won’t listen to me anyway, why the hell am I saying this). I then went to a BBC podcast about this and found that more informative.

I have written about the protests at the capital house in April. One of the things I didn’t mention was that if that capital house was filled with black people with rifles, I think the response from authorities would be much, much harsh.

When the news of this happened, I wasn’t so surprised and I do see more attempts on the lives of politicians and other public figures happening down the road. This country is getting quite fanatical with identity politics lately.

Also, I have noticed that my links are the same color as the text here with this theme. I need to go into the code and change that… and soon.