Traverse City Vacation

Posted: 7 July 2024 by Robbie

July 2nd          I went on a three-day vacation to Traverse City and other places. This is my first multi-day vacation in about 11 years. I’ve done one-day deals and gone on a big trip with me leaving the house in the morning and returning home late at night. It started with me leaving my house […]

Lakeside Taco Fest, Wrestling, and A Dying Mall

Posted: 16 June 2024 by Robbie

I forgot my hat and my smile for this one. That is the Soultaker from the Pro Wrestling All-Stars of Detroit. This is the last month for anyone who wants to go to Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights, MI. Yes, it was revealed a few months ago that they are shutting down Lakeside. It’s quite […]

I went to a Tiger Game and the DIA

Posted: 12 June 2024 by Robbie

DIA means Detroit Institute of Arts. I wanted to go to this particular Tiger game for two reasons. One, I wanted to see my 3rd favorite team, The Nationals. Second, it was a Tuesday game so I wouldn’t have everybody and their mothers there. I did notice from my view that there were very few […]

I went to a Psychic Fair

Posted: 2 June 2024 by Robbie

First things first: I want to say happy birthday to my late grandmother Loreen Thomas. She would’ve been 83 today if she was alive. In my area, we have the Michigan Psychic Fair (MPF). Most Sundays in Spring and Summer, the folks from the MPF will have an event. I went to a psychic event […]

Spring Pow Wow at Walpole Island 2024

Posted: 22 May 2024 by Robbie

Finally, Robbie went somewhere and blogged about it, as opposed to bitching about this life. One of my favorite annual events is the Walpole Island Pow Wows. They have a spring one and a fall one. We traveled from our area and took the ferry from Alognac to Walpole. The three of us forgot that […]

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