A Detroit City FC Night

Posted: 4 September 2023 by Robbie

Finally an event! Yes, haven’t been to one of these since I went to see the Tigers late July. The Northern Guard never fails to entertain me and everybody else at this game. Also, getting to a DCFC game was a requirement for me this year because I couldn’t get the chance to see them […]

Ohtani’s First Shutout & Two Bombs

Posted: 28 July 2023 by Robbie

I went to my first MLB double header and saw Ohtani pitch a 1-hit shutout and on the next game hit two home runs. There was some rumors that the Angels were going to trade for Ohtani, but I was doubting that. The Angels as of late July 2023 have a winning season and I […]

I went to Cranbrook

Posted: 30 June 2023 by Robbie

I went to both the Cranbrook Science Museum and also the Art Museum. I have been to the Cranbrook Science Museum a little south of 10 times in my life. Cranbrook was a place I would go to on school field trips back when I was a Special-Ed kid to even one time while I […]

Eddie Trunk visits the Diesel w/Sunset Blvd.

Posted: 17 May 2023 by Robbie

On 13 May 2023, the folks at the Diesel in Chesterfield got to see Eddie Trunk. Prior to it, the band Prowler (Old Metallica tribute) opened with Sunset Blvd. closing the show. This is the 677th time seeing Sunset Blvd. Prowler did an amazing job and I saw them just about one year earlier. This […]

Retarded Birthday Boy

Posted: 1 April 2023 by Robbie

Enuff Z’Nuff had made it to the Diesel on my 41st birthday. Got myself a table for that gig and went to that with one of my best pals Allan Hollywood and my new friend Chris, also known as Armor All. I don’t want to write a 10-paragraph essay about my birthday. So here are […]

Astronomicon 6

Posted: 5 March 2023 by Robbie

Astronomicon Six was in Livonia, Michigan this time. This is about the third time I’ve been to Livonia. It’s a city west of Detroit and it’s a spot I rarely go to. My time at Astronomicon was not even two hours. I arrived at 10:55 and left out of there before 12:30. I just wanted […]

Dirt (AIC Tribute) & ReTooled at Diesel

Posted: 5 February 2023 by Robbie

Gonna keep it five paragraphs here. Not up to making a novel out of this show. For the second time, I have seen Dirt (Tribute to Layne Staley’s AIC). The first time was with Sunset Blvd. at the Token Lounge. Also, a month earlier, a woman approached me saying she runs the Token Lounge and […]

Sunset Blvd at Motor Cafe

Posted: 8 January 2023 by Robbie

First show for 2023 and it didn’t disappoint, sans the long wait. I’m not going to write seven long paragraphs about this very night. So, to sum it all up, I ran into a “George Michael,” “Bob Seger,” “Tom Cruise,” “Mark Slaughter,” and also Flavor Flav showed up to this gig and did a song. […]

Visiting Lansing & The Michigan State Capitol

Posted: 28 December 2022 by Robbie

My trip to Lansing was a bit of a bummer at some point. I was driving on some wet roads was trying to keep some distance between me and the cars & trucks in front. It was spraying that dirty water and I had to use my windshield wipers to get that off my windshield. […]

Thanksgiving Eve: Motor City Rockers & Been There Done That

Posted: 25 November 2022 by Robbie

My Thanksgiving Eve started with seeing the Motor City Rockers. This game wasn’t as dramatic as the two games I previously went to. No fights and just a few scuffles. The Rockers beat the Wolves 5-2 with the Rockers scoring four goals in the first period. Declan Conway got 2 goals and 3 assists in […]

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